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deal on a dime

the carshop

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ya lucky for me only on that rear quarter panel. i pulled off light bezels front grill and all trim today gonna try and salvage front end. gonna pull and label harness in next couple days and then start body work on the bay and front clip. ill start a build thread in the next couple days. i wanna have it back on the road no later than middle of october.

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are those allison electronic ignitions worth anything? I have a brand new in box one.


Don't mean to hi-jack the thread, but inline4's PM box is full......gotta clean it out! Those Allison EI kits are decent. I sold lots of them back in the 80's-90's for British cars. I think Crane Ignition bought Allison, so you might be able to track the kit part # to current cataloging to help you sell it..........

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name='the carshop' timestamp='1346097127' post='747206']

hell no... nothing is getting cut or modded on this car im most likely going to put back the motor that belongs in it. only aftermarket parts will prob be coilovers and wheels. sadly no bumpers but im already looking.



I wouldn't hesitate putting in an L20B & a 5 speed if you prefer a l'il more driving fun. I would think that upgrade actually increases the value of any 510, unless the car is restored to showroom condition, and sold to a serious purist..........most 510 buyers aren't purists.

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