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720 running a bit off


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I know this is somewhat general but ever since I've moved back down to Socal, my truck seem to be running worse. The idle seems too slow and it sounds like its going to die. Sometimes, when running the A/C, it will die and sputter, but when I start it up again, it runs fine. I've checked all vac lines and they seem fine, but when I had the air cleaner off to inspect them all, I also noticed that I couldn't see any fuel through the sight glass on the carb, so that may be a culprit. I am sorry if I can't be more specific, but since it seems to run better on some days than others, I'm a little confused. Any thoughts?

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Checked the fuse, it was OK. Otherwise the truck ran fine today. I'll report back if I have any problems. It could be our gas, who knows, up North I would run 87 no problem but due to the slightly warmer weather down here, it knocked a bit more than usual so I've been running 89 and it seem to like it a bit better. Thanks!

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That's funny because i live in So. Cal. too and now i am having this problem as well. I only use Chevron 87 octane gas because it seems to last longer and my truck usually runs great on it but the other day i let my friend use my truck and told to only fill up at Chevron...and he did, but he put in 91 octane and now my idle dropped way down....almost to the point of cutting out. I was thinking that all i had to do was turn the idle up a bit....but do you think that that is just a "band-aid" on the problem and not an actual solution?? Why does this happen? Could it be a carb issue?

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