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Introducing ... Foxy!!


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Hello all...


Last Memorial Day weekend my girlfriend blew a couple holes in my transfer case and that was when she decided that she wanted a rig of her own to wheel.... Last weekend i finished swapping a divorced 205 into my rig ('81 720 by the way) and made room for Foxy! A '72 620 with no motor or tranny but does have the divorced Dana 20 and Dana 44 axles WITH ARB's!!!! All for a whopping total of $500... It even had an Edelborck intake for the motor I plan on swapping into my rig as soon as Foxy is rolling on her own...





Lame cell phone pictures I know, sorry.

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Yep, they are ARB's with 4.88 gears .... I'm still trying to track down exactly what they came out of. They are very narrow!! Dude I bought it from was told they were out of a Jeep but who knows.... Does have the 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern ... Drum brake front axle too so they must be fairly old....

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Yeah I have seen that rig up there. Aside from a motor/tranny, there isn't all that much that I need to pick up. At least not from a donor 620.... Couple of fenders maybe... Gonna start looking for a 4.3L/auto or a 4.0L/auto. Cross that bridge when I get to it.... We are still developing a plan of attack right now.


So far its gonna be a ....


twin stick the Dana 20,

bucket seats,

bobbed bed,

36" Iroks,

Black body with pink bumpers, roll bar, and sliders...

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The front axle sounds like a dana 30 from a Jeep CJ. Somebody just put the matching 44 rear in there it looks like. If that is a 44 front it would be custom built to be that narrow. The new motor should make it fun to drive though, but why not put a dana 300 on the back of the tranny so you have a married set up with 2.6 low and front dig?

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It is a 44 and I don't think it's a custom build. I can not fathom why someone would spend the time and money to narrow a 44 and keep the drum brakes. A couple jeep nuts I know have heard of old jeeps with 44's but I can't say for sure. Doesn't really matter though.... I'm throwing full size 44s under it anyways. My girl wants it to be a lil taller so the wider axles are goin in.


The transfer case still has me scratching my head a bit. I'm concerned about the strength of the dana 20 but a buddy has a CJ with one behind a 401 big block that holds up great. The 20 can be twin sticked as well. I have a divorced 205 in my rig that I could use but that thing is huge. I doesn't fit all that well under my 720. As far as gearing goes, the np233 coming out of the blazer is staying too. By the time shes does the crawl ratio is going to be in the mid 80's....

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If you're curious to find out what those axles came out of you can look them through their BOM numbers






Judging by the pic. I'd say it looks like you have a GM Dana 44 out of a fullsize 1/2 ton 65ish" WMS. It's hard to tell though, usually only Jeep used the slugs pictured.

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