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datsun 510 (too loud) tickets -___-

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im actually thinking about fighting this ticket the cop did not take pictures of my exhaust and i believe it was just his opinion that its too loud ive past by cops before while stepping on the gas ( still going the speedlimit) and its LOUD i checked my car and its about 88 to 90 db the legal limit is 95 but if not i will just put a glasspack resonator right after like 12 inches past my header. not to worried about a losing power it is my daily driver its funny tho everyone asks if i have a v-8 in there and theyre suprised to hear and see my little l- series 4 banger


like boaty said you have a chance of lowering the cost and if you are lucky the cop will not show up and if you can prove the 88 to 90, you can surely win

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Just tape a big ass coffee can to the back of the tailpipe and blaze by the police station blasting NWA!  


Oooooor, do the 2ZRFXE swap.  I guarantee that cop will forgive the ticket.  

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Best way to fight a ticket and win?  DO NOT "WAIVE TIME" FOR TRIAL at the arraignment. Make the court give you the first available date, not the last. 


most people think its great to postpone the trial date so postpone payment etc... not worth it. 


Budgets and understaffing etc, do not allow for overtime expenditures... if the officer is already scheduled to be on beat, or have the day off... there is little chance he will be in court. The cost is greater than the revenue. 


This works very well when ticketed by a city cop. This is not true for CHP... they will almost always show up no matter what...State budget paid, not local. 


(lets just say... I know someone.... who has used this method successfully 3x) 


The thing is - i am pretty sure that if you got a FIX IT TICKET not a NOISE VIOLATION you cannot fight your ticket.  




I have hi comp L20B  with dual SUs  - used to have single weber (gag me) 


MY EXHAUST =   MANIFOLD > 2.5in pipe > 10" GLASSPACK > Magnaflow 2500 turbo muff>   never been pulled for noise - I carry earplugs in the car. 


I had a 2nd 510 a few years back with a L16  and a weber 32-36 carb, header, and straight pipe to a borla muffler.... that was louder than my L20b setup NOTICEABLY. 

Had a Choppy "bees in a can" sound


Header Vs manifold  - big diff in sound. (mani is nice thick cast iron.) they flow fine until large cams and carbs get involved, and would maybe even add some low end torque in trade for top end pull... more usable for a street car... feels faster and pulls away from a light much better.  small weight penalty...not as prone to exhaust leaks tho. 


complete solution?


sidedrafts of any sort + mani + 2in pipe + 8-10inch glasspack + nondouche muffler of any type  =  superior performance and quieter car.

(which will sound awesome, fear not)


Cheap solution


Glasspack and and muffler relocation/replacement. (cheap is fine but get a real muffler no "pass thru" fartcan crap) 


If it comes to an actual DB test, get a tip to point the outlet down, or up, or anywhere other than at the sound sensor.


racecars @ laguna seca all point tailpipe to the left (?) because there is a 100 DBA limit and the sensor is on the right side of the track somewhere... nearby housing complains. 


like 3 major events are exempt, but all others track time is restricted. 

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Ive seen a video on youtube where a guy shoved some steel wool down his exhaust pipe and it made it quiet enoug to get his ticket signed off...sounds pretty ghetto but might work.haha

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Fuck mines loud and tough with the magna flow and no tickets still. Not for 20 Years. People always say they love how my purple car sounds. And man this is a old thread.

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fixed that for you.....

Lol!!! That HOODY was the first thing I thought about when I saw a close up of it. Not the image on it, but the ALIGNMENT. LOL


Your HOOD alignment may be the real reason for the tix! Lol



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