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L24/26/28 or L20B lightweight flywheel

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I have one L24/36/28 or L20B six-bolt flywheel, stock diameter, for 225mm clutch. It was lightened, and will need to be balanced. It is not a superlightweight race unit! This flywheel will be fine for a daily, no worries about loosing too much mass to make a polite pull-away from the stoplights.


Stock L24 is 24lbs, some Maximas have 21lbs units, and the 240mm units are 28lbs. I don't know the weights on the stock four-banger parts, but i have heard that the L20B flywheel is 32lbs? (really freakin' heavy!)


Anyway, this flywheel has been cut to 18lbs, and will need balanced and surfaced. It isn't as light as it can go...stock L24 flywheels are cut down to 15lbs on a regular basis and run to 7500RPM...but it doesn't leave much room for surfacing later on. This one can be surfaced a few more times, and should have a very long life of rev-happy street driving ahead of it.


Selling because I picked up a 14lb cromoly unit this morning at a swap meet, and don't need it anymore.


50$ plus shipping.

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