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stuck with u is stuck somewhere fuck holish lol ... i seen the wsp literally taking it off the highway at 635 pm was gonna text u but i got distracted 

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car was empty ... im not makin contact with the wsp if i don't have too ... what were we supposed to do with no kevin or lexi around ... push a car to the next exit we dont have keys for



your like the bruce jenner o over reacting... so whens your gender reassignment naner...... 

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yes i drove by south bound on i-5,  his path finder on the north bound side at suicide bridge ... or jumpers paradise.... while there was a tow truck hooked to it with a washington state trooper in his tahoe facilitating the tow truck driver to take the rig ...lights on ... should i have swung on him with my skate board and say drop the car pig???




I was under the impression that in washington your car had 24 hours to reside on the shoulder before they took it and impounded it !?!?!   maybe the wsp is familiar with kevins abuse of girl skinny jeans and just wanted to hit him where it hurts ... i dont know ..... and shit its a white pathfinder ... my first thought was hmm i wonder if that's kevins ... turns out it was..... had i known the stater, which i know a few, i woulda stopped andasked if i could have it towed to my shop.. but it was some twenty something who looked like he didnt wanna here how i think im cool and could help ... 

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From exit 93 to like 109 you have an hour..

BUT! the fucking chp should have called the fucking rregistered owner before it was towed at all! No call!!


It was there all day kinda. 5 hours.

I forsure thought I had 23 hour but not right there..


Can't believe tow truck driver helped us push it after seeing it not start and then it start after we pushed it! Didn't even pop the hood.

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moral of a datsun owners life...... " broke down on way to tattoo appt but we managed to still make the appt and left the car on the side of the highway ..!"  wait wut?



hope she got your name across her shoulders

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Well your lucky..

Heres a non sexy photo that you'll still probably say something about.


This is about 5 hours, she's gotta go back for color. She also has an angler fish that looks like it's being eaten by this and around her ankle she has a octopus...

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A few of mine to make you stop looking at her leg.





Is that a pierogi?



or a pot sticker?



I can never tell just from looking at them.

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