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What I'm working with!


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lol yeah the  best way to prep is blasting ......will make your work turn out fabulous... sometimes preheating the part will aid in filling in some pitting.....but careful when its hot u transfer more powder and can cause sluffing.....looks like u could stand to put more powder on too ..... try two coating ......first coat only cure like 10-15 minutes then second coat gets full bake ...its easy to build a bigger oven ...

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Jrock man could you please tell me how to build a bigger oven? Lol


whats the best media to use, my blasting gun sucks ass when I use the walnut media

and the black sand shit works alright but seems like there is something better or more

I could do. pressure is high. must be the harborfright gun. Lol 


Ive got some chevy raillies i need to blast and powder and I want to do everything right

when I touch those. I hope to paint them white...... maaaayyybe a Halo masterchief green but Idk. White seems the best.

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i use garnet sand and wanut shell but in a cabinet i use just garnet sand ..... 30/60 grit...as far as the oven ... start looking for working ovens u can diassmeble and pull the controls and elements out of then u can make a tall oven and use two or three sets of elements and controls to power it ... build a metal cabinet ...insulate it and boom u acn have a 8' and 36x 36 oven pretty easy that will do eveything up to bumpers and dashes

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Here we go! Shit is going to look great!


suede was cheap too, for that amount it was only $8.41 and im pretty darn sure

its real suede.


Cant wait to get to work on it, i just need to come up with a way

to hold it down to the under metal dash.. ideas? i was thinking hot glue?? 

idk though.

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I was thinking hot glue on the underside.

So it would be out of few but I'm still unsure on it.


I'm pretty hesitant about doing the work ha Im slowly

Thinking where to start and how to start. As of right now

I think I'll cut slits in they suede for the back tabs of the dash

I don't know yet thought I haven't cut anything.


Might get a few inputs from some people around my house.


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So i got to work on the dash today and it wasn't nearly as hard

as i thought it would and really started to come out nice and then about a

little less then half way done.... glue seeped trough... and i don't believe ill be able to clean

it out, even if i could I don't think it will be to my liking. so I need more suede.

I'm also going to be putting this suede on my door panels along with the center part of the older vinyl. should look good.


the OICS




Bad.. in the center there where you can see the clap marks, the claps didn't mess it up i just used to much glue. it doesn't look to bad in the oic 

but its fucken ugly.. DSC_0062_zpse90334f5.jpg

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Thanks man!!


And I'm sorry to here about your iguane man. This is gamma she's a red

Iguane and she might be 3 years old. She's the coolest thing.

My gf is crazy about animales the lizard is hers but its great.

She's a little craby latle she's got some eggs in her and she will not

Stop digging. I guess even without seeing a male they still carry eggs

Once a year.. wired shit I guess people eat the eggs.



But as far as my back light that stupid thing is on wrong but

I've been working on getting a new bed. Just haven't drove to get it yet.

But I plan to get a 69 bed so those won't be there. I hate them front and back I hope

To get rid of.

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Now Im no interior expert, but... This is how I wrapped my kickpanels.. cut it big and fold under for more gripping surface. I wouldent use clamps on the surfaces your able to see. Maybe with a small peice of wood or something under the clamp to help distribute the pressure, but still might make an indent (and stay that way when the glue sets).






maybe connect the two peices that overlap on the bottom together with clamps or string or wire, if you want it taut.

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Thanks man I'll be sure to check out this pic again when i get down to those.


Today I really got down on the 18 block! shined it up real nice like =) 

cleaned and painted motor mounts black. annnd thats it. tomorrow i plan on cleaning the rest or at least most

all other parts including bolts!


here ya go!




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All right guys you might not care but the dash is looking a lot better now that i redid it.

I was thinking to hard or something the first go around.

This time i started on the top, one side at a time i spread my adhesive and laid my panel bored on top of it

for even pressure after smoothing any air bubbles out.

then I moved to the front of the dash and did just about the same thing, without the panel bored.


I only had on part that wrinkled a little but im okay with it because its on the under part on the front lip. 


HERE OICS! =) DSC_0077_zps826bcc5a.jpg




Need to do the back and sides.

im thinking i might get a lady thats has some know how to help with the sides.

She only lives four houses away the worst she could say is no.


As far as the block I checked some the bearing gaps and they were all good.

cylinder walls are also in good shape so Im really happy about that. 

Even though Flatcat19 told be everything was great I wanted to get the know how.

No need for oics for that.

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The top pad? I'm unsure I think you have to pull it off

If your talking dashboard there is bolt on the side of the dash and four

In the back.


If your pulling the padded dash you might mess up the matal

Dash under it I didn't pull mine off the guy that had my truck before

Me did and on the coners of my dash the metal is wrinkly and ugly

Say if they were bent and someone tried hitting them back to shape

It didn't work.. I'll get a close up oic of what I'm talking about.


Also if you do in fact pull the dash don't paint the metal dash white.

Mine is white and holy shit!


It leaves a huge reflection on my windshield and it sucks ass

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how does the dash come off? looked around but cant seem to figure it out yet

good stuff by the way :thumbup:


It's easiest to remove the instrument cluster and the glove box insert, then you have to remove the column support, both the levers that control the heater box, next you remove the six bolts holding the dash in position, 4 across the back just under the windshield, and one on each end, as you are pulling it out, disconnect the dash wiring harness and it should come out without issues, unless you have an aftermarket radio.

If you are going to remove the padding from the upper dash, be careful, as the metal is not that thick and can bend, BTW there are 6 bolts holding the upper dash to the lower dash also.

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