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I need a transmission for my 86 720


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more info. motor? 2wd/4wd? and from your cars under your little pic. it says dually. So drive shaft length may come into play. I know some are shorter then others. as for junkyards, i guess lynnwood and Arlington would be your best choice. Pick-n-pull will have parts price listing online. pics of the one ya got is worth a thousand words...

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motor is the big one, cause i think that the Z24 and Z22 had different trans. cause of the flywheel size. but i can be wrong, it just seems that that have to have something different cause of the starter, and flywheel size. I know that i am having hell with mine... I think i am on my third starter and second flywheel in a month, so I know i am doing something wrong too... Trans is unknown, but from a JY cause of the writting on it is that junkyard marker, and the flywheel is from a Z22 and starter is an 8 tooth outta another 720. So there has to be a secret somewhere.

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Hey guys so I need a transmission for my 1986 720. I want to know what trucks I could pull one from as well as how much one would cost.


Thanks Fellahs


Assume it's a 2wd. 4X4 transmissions do not have a speedometer pinion in them so aren't much good on a 2wd. They are also lower geared in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Speaking of gears you mention dual in your profile... do you have the Cab/Chassis option? If so can you clarify? The next thing is the length. Some are short (26") some are long (31.5")

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