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Hi I am the NEW owner of a 1962 datsun L320


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I have projected with a 64 datsun previously, however am taking the 1962 a little more seriously.

I do need a starter as my truck did not come with one i am running a completely stock E1-Series

I have cleaned the carbs, Bled the clutch,bled brakes, new battery... started cleaning it out all around.





what I am asking is... the person I bought the truck from had no idea it was even 12v .....and he

had no idea it didn't have a starter so..... I believe he hooked the battery up wrong cause he didn't know what positive ground was...... if he did could that have broken anything....

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On a car made in the last 30 years that would be very bad. I would guess as long as items were turned off it probably didn't harm much. Lighting wouldn't care which way the power flowed. Generator? or alternator. May fry them.

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I kinda doubt you have a factory radio in your truck.....that would be about the only thing it would have hurt. If a positive ground radio is connected when the battery is hooked up wrong, it shorts to ground through the antenna. With no radio, the rest of it wouldn't have cared too much. None of the items are built with permanent magnets....so they turn the same direction whether they're hooked up pos ground or neg ground. An alternator might have cared because of the diodes, but the generator wouldn't. You can keep the generator and use it with a neg ground setup, but it should be repolarized.....google it....not sure how it's done, just that it can be. Starter and wiper motors wouldn't care either. Hook it up positive ground and see what happens :)

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