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Ok so i have notice people have been writing stories on here about how they got there Datsun

and my husband said i should write one because well...its not a everyday story you hear about...

ok so my husband (Kautic) his friend (wide14u) and my self have been searching for a 620 for about a good 6 months n it is hard to find one that is not all torn up or in a scrap yard. so when were looking on craigs list we had come across a 1978 nissan for sale. it had been posted up there for about 3 days so far, and at that moment i knew that this was the truck for me! :w00t: After reading what they had put on there about the truck and the pictures they had, we wanted to call them right away! but heres the thing there was no number :o all there was an address to a public email, we tried it lots of times...no answer... :no: i'm thinking crap i already know its gone!

So (Kautic) and (Wide14u) noticed that the email address was the name of a subdivision.

we googled the subdivision and found a house for sale in the subdivision. we went to google maps and typed in the address of the house, and pulled up the street view. we searched down the map, we found a house that have the same fence and features as the pictures on the ad on craigs list. after comparing we decided to go check it out the next day to see if we had found the right house.

(Kautic) and (Wide14u) went the next day while i was at work. they went up to the door, knocked... no answer. as they turned to leave, a older lady answered the door.

she said, "Hi????".

(Wide14u) said "This is gonna sound strange, but by any chance, are you selling a DATSUN?"

she said while stepping back, "Why yes how did u know?"

than they both explained how they stalked her and she just laughed and thought that was crazy.

so they sealed the deal with the lady and that is how i got my 78 DATSUN King Cab or i mean QUEEN CAB :frantics:


so here she is




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So Kautic and Wide14u sealed the deal with an old lady? I guess some people will do anything for a Datsun.


But seriously... Crazy cool stalker story. It always pisses me off when CL ads give you no way of contacting them when it's something you really want.

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Moral of the strory: If there is a will there is a way. You wanted a 620 bad enuff that you went beyond the norm & found it. It is truly yours now. Just think if they had listed a phone# or been easy to contact you mite not have got your truck. Good job. Now lower that beast :thumbup:

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thats how i got my 2 door , craigslist ad was expied but a ratsun cat had posted a pic, so i scoured the whole town, found a complex that looked like tye one and started knocking on doors.





hahaha butt after you find it, its the best feeling in the world. if it was not for those 2 being such damn stalkers i wouldn't have it haha

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oh, welcome to ratsun, :lol:



im bummed k is already married, kinda changes my life goals.....


but, if you lower it enough the rust will rub off.



yes that would work but the thing is the rust was so bad on the front fenders that when i started to take them off it flaked off :o so im had went to the junk yard and got to other ones.

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