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icon_topic_latest.gif STOLEN 510 WAGON...LANGLEY

This afternoon, Collin Jackson's 510 wagon was stolen from Willowbrook Mall.


It has some decals on the window, it has dual SU's, and the pictures shows the outside. Black 240 seats, dog box, 2L motor


Someone knew enough to bypass the kill switch


very clean wagon, 1971 BC licence # 353-LGE.


I will see if I can get more details..but, this one most of you don't know, so it will stand out like a sore thumb.


If you see it...call police, Specialty, etc.









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I know them first from the 6 bolt 720 ST option on the trucks. I was surprised the first time I saw them on a Z car. They don't seem that common to me, I could stand to see more of them.


Ok ok ok they may be common but can also be distinctive.

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fuckin bastard theives. I will personally shit kick anyone i see driving your ride here in socal man!


Excellent....but don't get confused with Laecaons 510 down thar sporting those "Super common" ZX 6 spoke wheels.... :lol:

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i know the feeling... did you have full coverage on it? if not, its time to go hunting.. Canadians are more lax than some of us south of that border, theyll still curb stomp an offender though right? Gawd.... id be boiling....

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If his kill switch was anything like mine I know how they bypassed it, don't want to post it in the open. Anyone on here know him/is he on here if so I can pm you/him and you can relay the info.


You should post it so people can correct the problem. If I were you guys I would design an elaborate mercury tilt switches to start the car.

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Until you park on a hill and youre fucked.


No, Here is an example. Put one in each of your visors, one up and one down will start the car. You would need one hell of incline/decline to by pass it, like 90* and you dont have hills at 90*, they are called cliffs.


This only slows down the crack heads. If they are smart or a technical thief then they can bypass it. It is a matter of how much time they have. Rewire all of your underdash wiring to be black.

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You should post it so people can correct the problem. If I were you guys I would design an elaborate mercury tilt switches to start the car.


Well my original kill switch cut off the coil, car would turn over but then instantly die. Once i got my car back after it was stolen I was having issues starting the car, would turn the key but was like it wouldn't turn far enough to make a connection. They had bent the tab in the ignition by forcing the key to hard.


We figured out that if you turn the key to start it then let it come back just a little but not to the on position and hold it there then it would continue to run even with the kill switch engaged. Which also killed my starter.

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While its not fool proof, I swear by the push button start. Anyone with a little skill can wire in any number of kill switches for it. Not to mention the fact that it comes with two options for starter kill. Again, it may not stop em but it will sure as hell slow em down.

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