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CV axle adapter group buy.

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Hey everyone.


I am wondering if anyone wants to participate in a group buy of the CV axle adapters?. I have this topic posted on The510Realm as well.


The price to manufacture a batch of parts is less then individual orders. Plus more convenient for myself to do them in a batch too.


I will sell them for $200.00 a kit if we can get the right amount of people. :)


Matt D.

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This is the Realm thread that shows the install after all parts have been collected.


I am shooting for at least 10 buyers to achieve the $200.00 sale value. Buying a length of wrought aluminum is less expensive then a few cuts. That is why I try to group the buys. Machine time and setup is done once instead of multiple times.


Matthew D.

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Any of the fringe fellas that are thinking of buying the adapters decide if its yes or no? I can start machine work this weekend.


Everyone that is ready please PM me with the word "Ready" and I will compose my list and send out address exchanges and payment instructions.

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