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need L20b motor!

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I have a complete L20B that I will sell. I got it with a car I bought and the car has been sold.


The guy I bought it from (a 510 guy with another sweet 510) told me it is a rebuilt engine ready to install. He bought the car and the engine as a 2nd project but decided to sell it.


I have never heard it run and I have not disassembled it either so I can not verify the condition. It looks clean and it looks like the block was painted while the head was removed. It has a U67 head and the block also says U67 on the side of it.


I have it stored in my shed. I took these pics this morning.






If you are interested, I can pull the valve cover and snap some pics.


I can put it on a pallet and shrink wrap it and ship it at your expense.


PM me if interested.



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