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When you replace your master cylinder....

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I don't know if a lot of you know this but when you replace a master cylinder or run yours dry during bleeding, you should "bench bleed" the cylinder before you try to bleed the brakes or clutch. Bench bleeding gets all of the air out of the cylinder before it gets into the lines.


It's really easy to do:


Unhook the brake line or clutch cylinder line from the master. Get a length of brake line and bend it so that the fitting screws into the cylinder and the other end goes to the bottom of the reservoir. Fill with fluid and pump the pedal until you see no more air bubbles. Unscrew the short line and reinstall your regular hard line and bleed as normal. I just used the speed bleeder screws from HELP (3/8"-24) and they are a godsend.

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Excellent reminder. I'll be replacing my master cylinder (it blew out this weekend) as soon as the new one comes in the mail.

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I just used the speed bleeder screws from HELP (3/8"-24) and they are a godsend.


Hey eastcoast, are the 3/8-24 bleeders for stock cylinders, and are the they same for the front and back?



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