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WTB - L20B in PNW

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There you have it. I'd like to swap in an L20B, because my L18 is crapping out on me.




1. All I really need is the short block. I've got everything else, but if you've got a long block, I'll pay for the whole thing.


2. It's gotta be ready to bolt in. I'm not looking for a rebuildable block (already have that). It's gotta have even compression on all four cylinders, non smoking, no rod knocks, blah blah blah.


I'll pick up any engine within around 2 hours driving distance from Portland, OR. If the engine is in good enough condition, I'd be willing to spend up to around $350. If your not in the area, but can figure out shipping for not much more than that, let me know.

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I was passing on JRocks L20 so it's free if you're still interested. If I picked it up, it would just sit around until I found the right spacers. It's better if you pick it up from him because you will use it.


If I bought it, it would just sit in the garage until I custom machined parts to get it to work in my car.


His block is ready to rock. I know you were looking for bolt in and go and that's what you'd get with his. That's why I was picking up. Send him a PM and tell him I told you I was passing.

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Aw crap! Now I've got to decide what to do...


In the end, I would love to put my peanut head on whatever block I use, but I've maybe got cam issues. Someone cut homemade valve reliefs into the pistons on my current block. Check out my other thread: http://community.ratsun.net/topic/46129-found-this-while-replacing-head-gasket/


Maybe I can run the L20B with a smog head it until I get my L18 built and then sell it back to you? Which engine were you going to buy, the nice one, or the dirty one with the W58 head?

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W58 head. It's not the best looking, but runs great. I was going to throw a little hi temp paint and some powder at it and call it a day. Depending on when you switch back to the L18, I may be interested in the L20. That was an option I was going to suggest.


The cool thing is its turn-key. Then you can take your time building the L18 exactly how you want it and get that shit legit. That's what I would do personally.

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Tristan, you are very kind, but I think I'm just going to rebuild my L18 and call it good. If I got the L20B, I would ideally just keep the block semi-permanently and sell the W58 and so on. In other words, I either solve my engine problems by running the L20B or rebuilding the L18 -- probably not both.


So, you can have it. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I have plenty of motivation to get my rebuild done, and it's called driving my in-laws' 1989 Ford Ranger in the meantime. That truck SUCKS! The body feels like it's going to roll off the frame all of the time, and it's got a weird sideways shimmy going over bumps. It's great for hauling stuff though.

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Guest kamakazi620

Seems no one has... so Im in uncharted territory here that barely Mike can even help me and hes the King of transmissions.

Why not just swap to a L18???? it has more hp that L16 and it has the 5 bolt crank...................
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I could. L20 has a bit more power and both blocks are about the same price. The spacers will be physically easy (and cheap) to make as Im a machinist. Its just the research for the proper size thats a pain. I havent been able to find anyone with L20 auto spacers that doesnt have them currently installed on their car. Not many run autos they just toss them if they 5spd swap. Once I have some measurements I can make a set in less than 30min.


Hmmmm... I buy the L20B and rebuild the L18 and sell it to Tristan...


If I got a good deal on an L18, Im not adverse to running it. Its a simple bolt in if its a running block. I just thought it would be cool to be the only person running a B/W L20. Plus I need as much power as I can for all the loss I take on the auto tranny.


L18 isnt out of the question though.

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tear apart tristins engine.... huh wtf are u nancys bantering about....motors up ...need it gone or its going in my truck.....tristin got a cake top and valve cover to get u squared i will pm or text u when i sned them out...silky i replied ... its your if you want it... but sounds like u have pretty high expectations for a 200 motor.... thats been sitting...it ran and had no issues ... when i drove the truck to be torn down i was suprised how well it ran...i never even thought to check the numbers....i was just in tear down mode....if u dont wanna risk it then u need to let me know i got a list i let u jump ahead on and i owe it to the others to offer it to them...at the price i am asking even if it need some parts to be turn key like your flywheel then its a deal....but the last motor i sold...was A DEAL. took all my extras and i have yet to see them back....from ron1600...even in that sale i provided more than i listed in parts and still felt kinda wierd about it...especially since i havent seen any of my extra exhaust parts back ...so make up your mind .... u looking for the holy grail for free or a motor that runs and will do what u need for next to nothing.......

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