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Front wheel bearing issues


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My 510 had worn wheel bearings on front, at least thats what the garage guy told me, so i ordered new ones from Rockauto. They came in today but there not gonna fit.


Old ones on the left, new rockauto ones on the right:




Did they came in different sizes? Or did i just got the wrong parts from Rockauto?

I noticed they are the same size as my 240Z bearings.

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as far as i know, yes i am running stock parts, bought the 510 from an old man, cant see how or why he would ever changed the front struts for others.

Can anyone confirm 510 and 240/260z have same bearings?

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The catalog has something wrong with it. It lists the SKF bearings as being the same for the 240Z and 510, but the Beck Arnley and PTC part numbers are different for the 2 cars. What's interesting is that the SKF and PTC part numbers match up for the 240Z (BR2/PMA2 and BR6/PMA6) but don't for the 510 (BR2/PMA1 and BR6/PMA4). So one listing is wrong, but which one I don't know.


Whiich brand did you buy? And what part numbers?

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I got beck/arnley bearings from rockauto, outer ones have LM11749 stamped on them, B/A partnmbr: 0513849 inner ones have L44649 stamped on them, B/A partnmbr: 051843


The ones i took from the car have LM11949 on the outers and LM57048 on the inner ones, and both of them have NSK stamped on them.

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The ones you took off correspond with the BR2 / BR6 SKF numbers(well, close), which are the 240Z part numbers (although RockAuto lists the SKF numbers as the same for both cars, it lists smaller bearings for BA and PTC).


The cross reference I saw said it should be a LM11949 (SKF BR2) and LM67048 (SKF BR6). You got the smaller BR1/BR4, (LM11749/L44649) which supposedly is right for a 510. Almost every reference is for the smaller bearings for a 510. That's multiple part stores. So either the master catalog is wrong (and that's pretty common, try finding bearings for a 521!) or you've got a car with 240/260Z spindles.

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Well i emailed rockauto and explained the situation, they contacted beck/arnley and now beck/arnley wants me to meisure my old bearings to see if they have a fuckup in their catalog..

I cannot imagine i am the first one to discover this, but i dont care, as long as i get the correct bearings for my car.

Already ordered a set locally, costs me 125 euro's instead of 40 dollars... but now i can drive again :)

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