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Headed to Cali

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Well Canby was the KA24DE's maiden voyage in Emma, 250 miles.


Today, I am driving down to Placerville, CA.

Not sure on scheduling but maybe see some peeps this weekend? I am staying with Cody (68Datsun510) and my niece.


Hey Randy & James... I'mma try to see you folks while I'm down there since at Canby I told you I would at least try!


Wish me luck. It's gonna be a hot trip without A/C!

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Good luck! We did the drive from Redding to Spokane, WA over labor day weekend, years ago, in our 510. It was hot as hell, but one of the most enjoyable drives we've made back and forth being in the dime. :thumbup:

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This will be the 4th trip to Placerville from Grants Pass in the 510. But this time with an engine that I don't have to downshift going over the passes with. Fully loaded... I'm hoping to squeeze 30 mpg today if possible. Yesterday's run up to Sutherlin, OR to check out a 620, yielded me 28.89mpg. We'll call it 29. And I was hot doggin the hell out of it the entire way.



Anyways, I'm off! Car is packed, tools are cooling... all I have left is to fill a water thermos and grab some ice, get on the road.


And when I get to Cali, I plan on downshifting next to a Prius. So he can hear me hurting the environment.

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Wow cool we'll have to get together while you're here drive careful watch for the cops


are you here yet


we need to see codys new place

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It was 117 in Redding today when I re-fueled.

On the way from GP to Redding I managed 35.4mpg! All that hyper-mileage coasting down hill forever.


28.9 mpg from Redding to Placerville. Still not bad because I was hauling ass..

It was so hot, I had to roll the windows up because the air was so hot it was burning me. It dropped 20 degrees in my car once I rolled up the windows... was seriously effing hot, and I drove in the heat of the day. Shit was nuts. But the KA did really well. No odd noises, isn't burning as much oil. And I was doing 85 just cruising along up 50-East through Folsom/Cameron Park area... looked down and had a holy shit moment. Car just keeps climbing. Honey-Badger-Dime don't give no shits.


Anyways yeah going to try and see people whlie I'm down here.

James, you dicksuck, answer your goddamn phone when I call.

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I will as soon as I have interwebs and not just my phone.


Went up to see Anthony Wong and his wagon before it's gone (he sold it).


Was a very fun trip up he mountain. And the higher elevation temperature change was very much welcome. Cody and I needed a summer break! Got some pics. Ill be sure to include them when I can.


Today Cody and I will run up and see the keeper and Skibby and before we leave for Oregon gonna see the Kashows. Possibly JenJen if theres time in Sacramento. I generally avoid big cities tho. Hint Hint lol

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