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E12-80 ign mod help


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Ok ther are three terminals on the module "B" is going to +terminal on coil. "C" is going to - terminal on coil then the 3rd module terminal is going to battery ground.i have a coil from auto parts store the is said to have a ballist inside.

The truck won't start. Iv read alot about the conversion. Sooo do I need a coil that has no ballist? Do I need the 3rd terminal ground wire?

I also checked for spark by trying to jump an arc to the block with the coil plug wire and saw nothing. Please help

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There should be four terminals on the matchbox module (E12-80).


Two straight up (B & C), and two going back into the distributor body (R & G).






The distributor may have two ground terminals. One behind the vacuum advance (as shown in diagram) and one bolted to the screws of the matchbox. These are not necessary but will help ensure a good ground, so use them.



i have a coil from auto parts store the is said to have a ballist inside ,,, do I need a coil that has no ballist?
The matchbox will work with either type of coil. But one with built-in resistor will be a low-energy coil. The stock Datsun coil used with a matchbox is a high-energy coil which is much better.



Do I need the 3rd terminal ground wire?
No, but it is good insurance to use it. If the distributor has poor contact with the engine block (for example, if painted) then you will need the extra ground wire. So connect it up.
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You can use your old points coil if you keep and use the ballast resistor. But you won't get the high output that the EI distributor is capable of.


Save your money and just get any Datsun/Nissan coil after '78. They were designed for use with the EI distributor and don't need a ballast resistor.

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get the nissan coil that Datzen mike said to get.


you have 12volt power going to the +side coil when key is to ON?????????



make sure the motor is at TDC comp stroke so your sure the rotor is pointing to #1 plug wire and go 1 3 4 2 counter clock wise fire order.

I Hope when you got this distributor you had the pedastal and timming plate as a matched set.



go to olddatsuns.com read the tech section on ignitions
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Thanx for the tip on the coil mike. Now I need to come clean I kinda left out a ensee weensee detail . So I had " B and C" hooked up properly to the coil and a ground wire draped down connected to the module , as I went to hook up the ground to the - side of battery , it slitely grazed the + side of the battery terminal . Could this have messed up the module ? If not then my other thought as to why I'm not getting spark is that the pickups in the distributer are bad.

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I also made sure my firing order is correct but I should get a 2nd set of eyes to go over things do to the fact I have been plugging away for awhile and get tunnel vision . If all els fails I'll take my distributer in to have it tested. I'm just kinda stubborn and like to figure stuff out for my self

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My friend grabbed a coil out of the earliest sentra at the JY (just about any nissan/datsun after 78 will have a coil that works) works great.


What type of no start is it? Cranks and thats it? Slight coughing? Checked for spark yet? If you have spark, try flipping your plug wires at the cap (switch in these pairs 2&3; 1&4)

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