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1500s, what are they worth?

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I recently found out about a 1964 1500 that is coming up for sale. It appears to be a nice car, but with a R16 under the hood. It runs and drives and comes with another 1500 (1965) parts car, several R16's and transmissions as well as a 1500 baseket case engine, lots of parts and some sheet metal.

So what's it worth? I did find a completed ebay acution that just closed this week at $4350. Does that sound right?

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A 1500 roadster with a type R 1600 engine is a bastard and does not compute under the "regular" roadster 310 series. It's a modified car and is worth only what you are willing to spend! No 1.5 liter engine and "banjo" single Hitachi "SU" type carb, it's a modified vehicle, worth what the modifier thought he or she was doing was an "improvement". It isn't! An unmolested SRL310 1500 roadster is worth much more than a botched "improvement". Pardon the obviously personal rant, moderators may have a fit over this, but the opinions are mine and will stand the test of time.


Exception is an original 1.5 liter roadster with an easily identified MG intake manifold and SU carburettors [note the British spelling] which was an easily obtainable JDM upgrade.

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The 1600 engine was also an "easily obtainable JDM upgrade", but even though it is a better engine than the G15, it still lowers the value. Most Datsun Roadster buyers want a stock condition so the fair market value is set by them. Not by the seller or by you or anyone else.


Buy accordingly. It's probably worth what a "basket case" 1500 is worth, maybe a little more since it drives already. Or if the sheet metal or frame has been modified, worth less than a basket case. The parts car adds a bit of value if you have a place to keep it.


If you drive it and love it, the value to you might be higher. I certainly wouldn't be turned off by the non-stock engine, but I'm not a typical car buyer.


1964 Datsun SP(L)310 was worth -- per NADA in 2009 --

  • low: $3500 "in mechanically functional condition...paint, trim and interior would show normal wear ... Mostly usable 'as-is'"
  • avg: $8500 "older restoration or a well-maintained original vehicle ... inside and out ..."
  • high: 11750 "completely restored or extremely well-maintained ... interior would be in excellent condition"

An SP310 with a 1600 engine fails the "original" part of the description.

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The R16 was installed by the owner prior to the current owner. The 1500 had something major wrong with it and a 1600 was available so it went in. I don't know if the 1500 is rebuildable or not.

But as the owner of a '69 roadster with a KA24E under the hood, original ranks well below 'fun-to-drive' for me. I would never modify an all original roadster, but then I can't afford to 'restore' one either.


Thanks for the replies!

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