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Should I buy this 72 240z for $4500? I have a 620 I drive daily but I don't want to sell it, I just want to add the Z. Am I crazy? This thing is dang near rust free, it has been in California up until 3 years ago. buying the car would require me getting a small loan and that would help my credit, of which I have ZERO. Of course the car could also possibly end my marriage too lol. What should I do? Should I talk him down to $4,000?















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Hey. For 4-4500 it is an awesome deal. 240 orange too? GAWD! I would be buying it today if it was here. Go for it. 100 Percent good deal. Do it before its gone, make arrangements for seller to hold the car. Today! You only live once. Tell the wife youve been thinking you wanted to take her out on the weekends a little more, like back when. And the old truck isnt as romantic as it used to be. You want to take her out in style with a weekend car, so you need this weekend car. Have a night out planned, and do something that shows forsight. Buy tickets, make reservations etc. Talk about a couple places to go. Somewhere to drive to. In the bag my friend. In the bag.

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Where is that rust bubble at? if it's on a dogleg...it's only the beginning. That appears to have a 1973 dash panel in it; does the A/C work?


That car looks good...and 3K is a fair market value for an east coast car in that shape. That rust will only get worse...and in about a year's time will have eaten completely through that area to the size of a grapefruit if you don't stop it soon.


That battery tray is eaten pretty good....what's more is the frame rail under the battery area looks pretty rough too. Could just be dirt.


The pans are good, which is a major plus. If you have a welder and are not afraid to fix the paint afterward, then that would be a good buy at 2500-3000$, running and driving.


If you don't have a welder, can't paint, and don't have at least 8000$ to blow on having someone else work on a car, then this is not the car for you.

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^ Agreed.... you're looking at a 4.5k project car with at least a few k worth of work to get rust issues under control and address issues. I wouldn't ever go into debt to pick it up... if it takes a few years to get 5k together to find a decent Z, it's worth it rather than going into debt just to start driving a Z and then having to spend more on getting it reliable and not rusting into oblivion.


Time to wait. They'll be others and you'll have fewer regrets if Debt isn't attached to a 40+ year old ride.

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It helps to talk comparison cars. I just watched a pawn stars that a guy brought in a 10th aniversary zx. It ran like crap, seat covers, and he painted it all by himself. He said he wanted 26,000. Was offered 4,000 if the mechanic said it was ok. The seller agreed. He dropped 22,000 in less than 60 seconds. The mechanic said it was all jacked up and wasnt worth buying. Anyway, start low. You can always go up.

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Honestly ... I have seen worse shape Zcars in Oregon go for 4-4.5k

The value on these cars is soooo vague ,,, as everyone knows !

It is true what a person is willing pay is what the car is worth

Although in a booming economy that would have been sold soon ,,,

In this economy ,,, people are def waiting things out ,,, and cinching down ( still ,,, )


It def looks like an excellent car to be honest !

Battery tray area is EXTREMELY common to rot/rust out ,,,


Just a short while ago I re-welded my floor pans/frame rails/passengers firewall/battery tray area/battery tray in my 73 240z

It take but a weekend to do so for a hobby-ist

maybe longer if in-experienced.


Going into debt to have the car is ummmmm going to be a giant pain for your situation :(


I would also state that looking for a RUST FREE 240z is like the search for the holy grail lol ...

If you do find it ,,, it's going to cost $$$ ,,, and everyone else will want it as well lol !

So if you do come across one ,,, and have extra spending cash ,,, JUMP !!!


3k is probably a bit low but understandable.

I am willing to guess $3600-$3700 is the ticket price in buyers head ...

Would I pay that ? sure ,,, if I had nothing but money to blow lol.


I typically try to spend around 2k-ish at most ( being understanding of selllers price )

So I can spend money on repairs and upgrades over time.

I tend to want to spend money on things I believe or deem neccessary ,,, and not feel forced to "pay for" additional items/features that do not fit my taste.

BUT I can do so because I have tools/welder/specific knowledge of quirks in these cars period

Welding on them is just second nature ,,, you see it as NO big deal ,,,

MANY people are afraid of rust repair ,,, very understandable

But in many cases with some skill ,,, fear itself is the only thing holding you back in rust repair lol.

Body work ( making it look good ) I am still quite a noob lol ,,, but practice is practice.... a good body man is worth every penny !


I hope you buy the car because you are 100% sure you will love it !

I know I love my newest 240z because it had a leaky windshield/ rotten floorboards/floor frame rails/battery tray area/battery tray itself/sacked out springs/broken dash

Most of that and other things are repaired now ! Drives like a dream !!!

(was theft recovery) ,,, and I still love the damn thing driving it around !

Member 72240z (Jay) ,,, did an AWESOME job of flocking/repairing his 240z dash if you ever want to know how ! ( use search button ,,, in project datto )


In the end you work 12 hour days ,,,

So it's not realistic for you which is totally undestandable !!!

But if your situation ever changes ,,, repairs are not that hard to perform :)


It is cheaper to buy a GREAT condition 240z in the end ,,,

But it's soooooo difficult to know what/where/how your car will end up over time according to your tastes ,,,

Maybe you wish to have stock restored original !

Maybe you want a stiff low torquer racer !

Maybe a combination of the 2 ? haha


Good luck in your search !


P,S ( it makes me sick seeing old cars thrown away simply because a rotten out rocker panel or floor board ,,, :rolleyes: )

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I would have jumped on it because I work as a bodyman. Repairing that car at my home wouldnt be much of an ordeal. It looks like all the parts are there to work with. After that I would evaluate the motor. Put in on a dyno and see how many horses escaped over the years. If it needed a rebuild that would be next. After that, fixing the outer skin and paint. Then you would have a nice car. Now we are talking about a car you dont have so we may as well think about what we learned, and not waste our time on an imaginary car. Be patient, and keep those eyes looking. They do come around.

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