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521 for sale.


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ok, just bought this thing(title is on is way) and Im ready to sell it. I wont go into my reasons right now, but lets say this... its more work than i want right now. The front core support is bent, and I thought it would be a pretty easy fix...turns out its not. Just don't want the headache anymore. Other than that its a nice 521, runs pretty good, has some nice goodies with it. Make an offer!!

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Read First: Rules for posting in the For Sale section Seller

1/ The item for sale MUST have a price on it. Auction style postings will not be tolerated.

2/ There must be a location where the item is being sold. Doesn't have to be exact.


Failure to conform to the above rules will result in the post being removed. No exceptions!

Sellers are strongly encouraged to include good quality pictures of the item for sale, a good description, a history, mileage and anything else applicable that will help the sale and limit unnecessary questions.



1/ Replies WILL be limited to questions about the item for sale and 'reasonable offers'. All others will be removed at the moderators discretion.

2/ Negative comments about the item or the price WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. These will be removed and the member warned once or temp banned, totally at the moderators discretion. No excuses, no exceptions.


Buyers are also encouraged to make offers to the seller by p/m or their e-mail.

Questions about price and or item quality may be directed to seller by PM.

Concerns about the truthfulness of the seller's item should be made known via the Report button and moderators will remove or put the sale on hold, at their discretion.




This is at the top of the For Sale page for a reason. It protects you and makes posting easier for you and the buyer... but you have to read it.

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