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Nevermind.. for now

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Hey guys, me and my dad were talking and he almost has me convinced if i sold one of my 510s i could have enough money to finish my Z, pretty good trade.


For those of you who havent seen the car start here:




I could go on all day about the car

Clean interior, flawless dash, rear seats, door cards, everthing.


Currently runs and drives, l16 boosted with r1 carbs, however the motor is not so good, i ordered the parts to put the l20 back together and thats what would go in it. NOTE i will NOT sell the car boosted, you can gladly have the kit but i dont want someone thinking they could rape on it and not have problems, if your mechanically inclined enough to put it back on, then good, you could probally rebuild the motor if you had to as well.


Rust in the passenger rear quarter is pretty bad and backs of the rockers.


Bagged with aerosport and mr2 inserts front, double bellos and tockico in the rear.


I have been dailying this car but if you dont know how to use a wrench, proballly not the car for you


This is just a feeler, message me if your interested at all.


Located in stanwood wa, asking 5000, or 4 without the bags, i know, pretty steep, but again just a feeler

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Lol the way im looking at it is, a badass 510, for a show quality 240z (i just got finish it) with a 320hp v8...pretty good trade off, but i dont know if there will be much interest in it as it sits, but who knows! id like to keep it in the ratsun/datsun family because i dont want someone to get it who doesnt know how to work on shit, but we shall see what happens

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Not really, ka deal fell through, I'm rebuilding an l20 and its keeping the turbo setup just with a bigger turbo, not sure I want to sell it anymore, I mean anythings for sale for the rght price. But it should go pretty good with the semi built l20

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