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Datsun 4x4 Pickup.

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Not to picky here, preferably running, decent body, not too much rust. I personally like the NON 720 ones but I'm looking at all.


Could come up with most of money pretty quick, if not all of it depending on the price. Or could work a pay plan? (you hold the title of course).. Just tired of riding a bike..


go ahead shoot me a PM :-)


And please don't post if you don't have truck for sale.. Way too many naysayers on ratsun buy/sell section..

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I found a 720 swb 4x4, just waiting for the owner to get back to me, but I am guessing you don't want to go through the hassle of import duties etc..


that is correct sir, I wouldnt even know where to start importing something from another country.

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I would pay $500 for that last one if it ran. No fenders, no bed, no gas tank. Hard to tell, but it looks like the original swap axle which would make it a dana 30 not a wagoneer dana 44.


Those tires have to be reaaal old and those seats are hard as fawk. If it was closer I would go take a look at it at least for the pics. ;)

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