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only reason I looked at this thread is I saw that skib was the last person that posted

I am not going to complain about complaining complainers

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if it listed who negged it, lile it listed who liked it.

Evelution is usualy a moving forward situation, we took a side step on the neg button.

Listed who liked, good advancement, dumped the neg button, regresion.








I cant spell becouse i just cant, im educated, and otherwise litterate.

Cant spell, have no spell check becouse 99% of my post are from my phone, wich is old as shit now.


Ive takin negs for spelling shit wrong, i tried harder.

Ive takin negs for being a nut sack, i tried harder to denut.

It worked even tho it was flawed, fix the flaws, dont cut the program


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I think we had a dislike button and it was a fail mainly because any asshole could neg rep someone with almost complete anonymity. I think a like is well, more positive.


Great point, and I think was called the Kami button.

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We've been complaining about people complaining for over 3 YEARS!!!! ... and it ALWAYS turns into this shit, that makes us ALL look bad


then we all know how this thread will play out...


some bitching... a few actual good suggestions... moar bitching..... a dash of butthurt... and then teh lock.


there are also things you dont get to see, like the staff discussions on the topic where real discussions are held and progress is actually made.

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At least stuff is discussed. I feel better. :rofl: :rofl:



Everyone wants respect. If this was real life you would just walk away from the assholes but this is the interwebz and you're stuck with it like being on a bus. You can sit tight and eventually you can get off. Or you can stop the bus and get of between towns. Or maybe someone will stand up and tell them to STFU. Last, you can bitch about it to the driver.

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I think Rick rat said it best..... Itsthe internet all the fucks u can give are controlled by your right hand and it's clicker so if u give a fuck click if u don't give a fuck don't click..... Policing the Internet is like masterbating left handed u would like to think u can control it like normal but u can't it's just gonna explode in yor face when u least expect it ......



On a side note can we move this thread to the realm..... Indys not leaving, skib can say what ever he wants about professionalism in relation to ratsun, We all know it's bs.... Jalen will still troll, I will still eclipse away my life offering opinions that don't much give a gawk or make a point .....


If we wanna be Curtious then wave when some one let's u in..... Han up the phone while driving, hold a door for someone.... Carry a old lady's groceries ..... Trying to fix the interwebs is a waste of time.... This thread just makes everyone sound like a whiney jrock rant..... U dont want that ..

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thats the funny part skib u think im butt hurt when i m not i could give two shits whether i spell correctly or use a elipse properly...i care about the content and the info...its fucking ratsun not the library of all thats datsun...al though its close i dont think we should waste our time....learning to conjigate verbs and run on sentences...


Im not butt hurt.. at all, i just think we worry about too much non consequential stuff.... its like expecting mods not to abuse there power now and again... its been done...and i dont wanna take away from your supply of butt hurt cream .....don't act like u aren't emo with the best of them...your just passive agressive emo....happens when u weigh 78 pounds...i just think its funny people want people to act a certain way when that person is in charge of the content they view....


all i was saying if u don't like it, hit the back button...no one is made to take part .....besides if what ever is said or being said is not curtious it wont be long before a mod comes along and wipes the internet clean of all drama...and suspends offender...of course, with out abusing said policing power...



i always like how these threads start... with a opinion about opinion... then other said opinion come in and people take it upon them selves to tell person that there opinion is not valid nor warranted...the thread title should be changed to a lesson in hyperbole and hypocracy.,...


i really dont care what said or how its said.... it is the 2000's and if u cant deal with a little laziness then u better move out of america...everyone on here is to busy to read into whats said instead of just reading whats said....

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Hey Jrock........ I hear they make a cream for that butthurt.


this must be that new found professionalism u spoke of a few pages back.... u hypocrite... :rofl:

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this must be that new found professionalism u spoke of a few pages back.... u hypocrite... :rofl:


normally I wouldnt say anything at all.

but some nice fellow came along and informed me I dont have to do that anymore

because "We all know it's bs" he said. "orly" I said.

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i personally like your passive aggressive emo ness that is shrouded in lulz....i just think this conversation is moot....its a circle...

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I have to hold back from what I think to what I say..... as a staff member it would be irresponsible of me not to.


thats called a little bit of professionalism..... because theres a lot of things that post could of said, and didnt.


theres a lot of things I could say..... but dont. everyday.


doesnt mean I cant still be a little bit of a sarcastic prick..... for teh lulz. Its just very toned down, becauseresponsibility.




i just think this conversation is moot....its a circle...


this thread is moot.... we all know that.

when youve been around long enough you know how threads will play out....

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when youre a mexican keeping track of 12 kids, one is bound to be left behind eventually.


Zing! .. But no really, I smell hardened steel.




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A little drama never hurt nobody ..


In my families tribe the elders have a saying as old as father wind....

........."Quit your crying,,,or i will give you something to cry about".

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