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A87 head other L series stuff KA24DE S valve covers

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I have some L series stuff I recently got amd I am not going to use so Im putting up for sale. I have an A87 head that has been taken apart, looks like I got everything to put back together except cam tower shims. I also have, 620 oil pan and pick up, and some other random L series parts. I will post pics later today.

A87 head $125 plus shipping

W53 head SOLD

L20 polished timing cover SOLD

620 oil pan and pick up $40 plus shipping

Datsun valve covers $30 plus shipping

Nissan valve covers $20 plus shipping

KA24DE S13 valve covers $35 plus shipping

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Here are some more pics of some stuff

polished L20 timimg cover SOLD

stock intake $10 plus shipping

polished KA24DE S13 valve cover $40 plus shipping

KA24DE valve covers $35 each plus shipping

parts in box make offers








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