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Thanks guys :)  I didn't build any fish mouthing capability into my current belt grinder since I have a notcher and the lathe.  But, this new design will definitely have it. 


Steve........I thought you worked on airplane stuff.  ....and you work with CIATA?  I'm sure your stuff comes out much cooler!! :)

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How much for a production unit? :D



I design tooling for airplanes. I will see about posting pics of some stuff I've done.




This will have to do until I can ask my work about posting pictures of my tools. I'm working on a really cool machine type tool, for the 787, that you would probably like. Anyway, this is the cover of Boeings magazine that they do, so it should be ok to post lol. This is the 777 moving line. The red boxes are around work stands that I have designed. The lower one was really challenging as it goes on before the tail is installed and has to come off after the tail is installed. The one in the middle on the right has a deck that travels up and nests inside the main landing gear bay. I also worked on what they call the magic carpet. Its basically a short platform that houses all the systems stuff and follows the plane. It's under the mostly complete plane on the right, closest to the camera.





This is a cool video about the 777 moving line.





A link to the magazine.



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Sweet!  Looking forward to seeing more of that!! :)



I was looking at the last page or two and realized that the pics I posted above, had been previously posted.......so I'll post these up.  This is how the basic kit should look.....except with no color....it will just be plain, bare HRPO steel.   It will have the laser cut parts and the hardware.  The adjustable handles nearly double the cost of the hardware, so they're an option(in previous pics).  The cheapest way to get the pulleys is to order them from Beaumount and another guy does motors cheaper than we can too.  Anyway....still some details to work out before we can get a final price.








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@mklotz70 - impressive. That sander is killer.



I just pulled up to this thread. Pretty cool stuff. Anyone interested in trying to make the nl320 tail light bezels out of billet aluminum for not just myself but I am sure a few other nl320 owners? We need bezels man! :)

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burrito....thanks!  ....and I sent you a pm...I need your shipping info before I can mail your stuff.


3D scanning is a lot more common these days.  I would imagine that the bezel could be scanned that way pretty easily and then a machining quote can be given.

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I got permission to post some of the tools I have designed.


This one is known as the rotational tool or the transformer. It is for loading various modules into the 787. It rotates the module onto the tool and then stands it up (no pics of that, but it ends up in the position shown in the cad capture)





storage/transport configuration - it has to fit through the airplane door so it folds up to become narrow.




usage configuration








control pendant







This one holds the horizontal stabilizers for finish work. This tool and the next tool have LH and RH opposites for each side of the airplanes.  The large frame rotates 360 degrees and each tower can raise or lower the frame independently to provide more access.



Close up of the headers, these rotate out of the way for loading the production part and were a challenge. Everything is interlocked so that no rotation can happen unless the headers are locked and the air bladders are inflated to hold the part. The 6 round pads allows the frame to rest on the floor so that another part can sit on top of it like a table.






Got a couple pics of the header drive mechanism








This last one is on the magazine cover above. It's the red box in the middle on the right. It fits into the main landing gear well and the deck raises up inside the well 26" then the sliding decks are slid out to cover the gap. We are working on using air cylinders to push them out instead of having a mechanic push them in and out manually and a few other cool options are being disccussed. Even when you think your done with a tool here, the customer may want further modifications or upgrades.













....BTW Mike, my boss was completely serious    ;)

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I've only got a limited amount of time with this part, so I've been trying to get this banged out this morning.  I'm pretty much done with this part.  I'll do some assembly work on it tonight if I get time.  The other part is going to be a lot harder I think......anyway....it's a "finger" that grabs the paper/envelope in a 1950ish envelope maker.  I'm not sure I'm going to try to machine them, but I thought it would be a great exercise to practice with the CAD. :)






I should take some pics of the part out of the machine... LOL!! 





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....still busy tweaking the DSM grinder, as well.  New base plate.....









....new tool rest arm......






....single gang box for single speed 110v motor.....  ....and notice the new tab on the small gusset to stop the tension release lever from flipping up like it did in that one vid.






.....and mounting option for vfd........





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