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Fuel level unit


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I'm betting they don't like to be THIS nasty, what are my options for getting this cleaned and working properly or finding a new/used working one. I keep seeing the ones on ebay but didn't know if they would work. My gauge works from testing, it's just this nasty thing that isn't.







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yes standard hardware store should have it. bought mine @ home depot.


one could make the arguement that it almost costs as much as a new unit,


like i said you could use it over and over and definitely get your moneys worth from it

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Mine started leaking at the sender pin for the guage, I ended up using a 240Z sender that was shortened, but I'm using an aftermarket guage.


Cool thanks, how much did you shorten it. I'll try and grab a Z one.


Replace it.


With?????????? Awesome link or information on where to get a new one.

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