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Jake's patient 510 build


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Thanks for the support guys


Got my front suspension in.



Only have a few more things really to achieve until I am content with not modifying it for a while.

- Slimmer tires for my advans

- refinish the nardi

- new muffler, a few tweaks to the exhaust piping

- new lug nuts

- center console

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Not much update.


Once I get my tax return I'm gonna buy a new muffler and have an exhaust shop help me out with my header on back. Probably if I have some money left I'll get some thinner tires so I don't rub due to the offset of my advans.

Found a set of federals in a 165/55/14 so we will see how that goes.


Anyone know of how to change out my wheel studs for longer ones. My rears are the stock drums and my fronts are 280zx struts. Any help is greatly appreciated


Skin isn't returning any emails or messages. All I want is a refund for the coils I bought since it has been about 10 months since I paid him.

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Long time no see guys. Been busy with school and finals.


Minor updates:

Coilovers installed ans broken in. Needs some adjusting but handles nicely.

Skib got me my money back

Ordered a Megan exhaust and had a shop install it for me along with fixing some holes in my exhaust. Sounds amazing ans deep, not to ricey. Sounds better than my old exhaust actually

Sold my A3As to open up funds towards a new car.... Or watanabes. Still not sure yet.


Here are some pics of how it currently is.





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I've been driving my car a lot lately to work (45 mins each way) into Detroit of all places.  really sticks out surrounded by Camaros and Mustangs. 


just ordered Techno Toy Tuning TC rods and I hope to install those soon. 


I forgot that I owned a spare rear cross member, I'll probably sand blast it, paint it purple, slot it and then slap it in my car.  if the slotting doesn't goes as planned than I will probably order Byron's brackets.  just want to give it a shot to see how it goes. 



that's all I have for now.  PEACE :thumbup: 


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-Ordered 89 Subaru gl rear struts, Honda coilover sleeves, 8inch springs, and ground control top hats.

-Took out rear strut, disconnected the cv joint to drop down the control arm to pull the spring out.

-drilled out the bottom bushing of the Subaru strut to 5/8"

- sanded off the burs and cleaned up the peg it installs on.

- threw everything together

- got low

Now for pics




Any pics of the assembled coilover before install? Did you just use the regular top hat like this? 10620128_T_15542817.jpg



Also, how much shorter is that shock? 

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Helps very much.   :thumbup:



Any concerns about lifting the inside tire during fast cornering? Seems like it might make it pretty tail happy. Not that that's bad.   B)


The shock isn't completely topped out in that ride height photo is it?

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I do on ramps at 70+ mph without any give from the rear.


The shock is as high as I could turn it before putting the car back on the ground. I'm tucking half the tire on a 195/60 which isn't so bad. I'm thinking of ways to try to raise up the rear just a bit to get a little more clearance.


The rear is about 5.5" above the ground. Enough to clear plenty of things.

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I do on ramps at 70+ mph without any give from the rear.


I was thinking more like taking a turn a little too fast around 30-35. I know on a couple of cars I had issues with really short rear shocks hiking a wheel going into a driveway too slow, or taking a right turn at an intersection a little too briskly...   ^_^




The shock is as high as I could turn it before putting the car back on the ground.


Cool. So the spring compressed a bit when you set it down and you still have some up travel then?



The rear is about 5.5" above the ground. Enough to clear plenty of things.


On my 1200 (510 IRS) the diff is maybe 4.5" off the ground. I need to do something to raise it. As it is now, I can't get a jack under it...   :rofl:


Just wondering how it compares to a really low 510 and sounds like it's about the same height in the car as it is in a 510. Thanks!  :thumbup:

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I would say the rear has about 4-5 inches of travel but it isn't all used. The 200lb springs hold up fairly well in such a light car.


And the rear end seems fine for the street abuse I put it through and the corners it tackles.


I just need to slot the rear crossmember to adjust for toe and camber

I like it, it's a good setup for the money on a budget build.

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