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720 radiator

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Need a 720 radiator pretty bad. Mine came loose and got ate by the fan. Will possibly be in the Vancouver area today tomorrow and can pick up. It'll be early afternoon.


Its for an 86 720. I think 81-86 works. Both holes are on passenger side.


Needing asap! Thanks.

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It's Portland. I'm sure there's a derelict with nothing better to than watch some kids for an hour or so sitting in a nearby bus stop. OR better yet; give em a cardboard sign and put em on a corner.. they could probably make enough to cover your gas AND the cost of the radiator.

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i wanna see pics of the truck!


More you say? Ok just cus took em when i was there :P


Its out there somewhere



custom interior






Perfect blue interior



Bed was rhino lined, everything was strait. This truck DID NOT belong in a JY :(



^^^ This is what Ratsun is all about.


IT IS! seriously, ive had ratsun member drop what they are doing to help out when i needed it, nismodr saved my ass the other day when i was stranded downtown with fried wires on my DZ start.

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no a pic of izzo's new truck


i havnt seen one yet



Still the same 720.


nope, the slammed lowered silver one is gone and hes got a red 4x4 if i remember correctly. But then again its izzo you never know what he has :P

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The rad in this truck, had broken loose on the bracket / passenger side. When I went to the beach friday night I hit a gnarley bump in the beach, causing it to get ate by the fan. Thanks to adam and jess I had a radiator the next day. I installed it, filled with water and drove it on the beach all weekend. So far so good, I'm going to check for small leaks one more time when I get home tonight after its been ran a while.


This is just a basic 720 4x4 KC. Its been painted, head gasket done, alternator died on me friday so I replaced that. Has AC but needs a charge, has factory fog lights. Tach, clock, and of course the oil/volt gauges. Everything works so far. Bushings have been replaced on the front. It needs a U joint, and some seals on the transfer case. Has weber, needs a tune up. Only pics I have right now, she's dirty from playing on the beach all weekend. even has new street tires on it.





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