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Sebastien- The Ratwagen!

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ok, so i have this 78' 620 king cab, i have this crazy idea. i figure since my truck is in bad shape as it is, it gives me the chance to do some crazy mods to it.example of how bad it is =/


this was right after we got the truck, used to be my dads =P

















and here is how it sits now, got parted for one of our 73's.











sorry for the bad pics =/


i know a good number of you won't agree with this project but here is my plans in the end for it, for this project i want to incorporate 2 of my 3 big car loves. Volkswagen, and of course Datsun.


- custom tube frame

- Mid mounted VW 12Valve VR6 w/ 5spd Manual

- coil springs all the way around

- independent axles, front and rear

- prettymuch a full custom interior, except the main dash will stay stock, seats, door cards, dash bezel, all aluminum plates, & so on

- i'm still not sure on wheels

- and a Leather Wrapped Taneau Cover (not sure how to spell that)

- of course also fixin all the structural rust. all the body rust is stayin =P


other than that for the body, it is goin back to how it looked when we bought it. lookin like crap. that is my goal. i want a complete sleeper, but still race oriented, most people won't expect it due to the body.


i do want to hear your opinions, even if they are bad. well not bad opinions, but if you Disagree =P

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mid engine 620 hmmmm not a bad idea, but not a great idea either. I am a big believer is the K.I.S.S. philosophy, Keep It Simple Stupid. I have seen vehicles in worse condition saved, unless you have the skills, space and cash I would suggest listening to the K.I.S.S philosophy

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