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New Guy '71 Datsun 1200 Build

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Are you saying they don't make a 1200-specific shock any more? Because the company itself is still making shocks last I checked. Just got some from Speedway a few months ago.  :thumbup:

1200 specific... As far as I know there is no 1200 specific Carrera adjustable coilover kits in production. Not like it really matters as everything is cut and weld. I scored some OG '80's Carrera 1200 fronts from a 1200 race car several years ago. I actually got the whole Carrera suspension kit, Fronts, and panhard bars. Also I believe that QA1 has absorbed Carrera.

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I finally got around to re-chopping the hell out of my fenders for the CDM flares.


I cut the fender up about 2 inches and left the inner fender a bit long. I basically just split the spot welds and chopped it right above. Then hammered, and hammered, and threw tools and cursed, then hammered more.


this is right about to where i wanted it.


Ready to re-weld.

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Also a little tip i figured out is to wedge a little block of wood or something on the inside of the fender. once you cut the inner and outer free from each other the outer has a tendency to suck in about a half inch. This should keep the fender from deforming so you can weld it and put some strength back into the panel.

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nice work, I just got my CDM flares and have to start doing the same thing. Wasn't sure if it would be easier on the metal to go inside to out or out side to in?

Outside in would be easier/harder. You will no doubt cause all manor of dents and ripples beating the outside in. However, the outside is MUCH thinner metal so it would in theory be easier to hammer/shape. 


I do it this way to keep the jagged seam as far away from where the tire can contact it as possible. This way in the event your tire does touch the fender, it will be on a smooth roll.

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I got some 15x7 0 offset 92's and decided to throw them on the 1200.




They are quite a bit bigger than my 13 inch Panasports.





with a 205/60/15 the tire touches the flare. Ill probably need to go down to a 205/50





All of these pictures are with a 20mm spacer. I may just run a 15mm front and 20mm in the rear.

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