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Fisch's east coast 1971 521 FOR SALE $2800- MA

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Duuuuudes, I can't believe it, but I think it is time to let go of the 521 named 'oil drop'. Lookin to thin the herd a bit. Narrow my focus. Here is your chance to grab a sweet east coast 521 with some Ratsun history and custom lovin'.


Truck has the original L-16 with a webber. Had it running today- smooth as can be. Drove it back and forth in the driveway. If you don't know the truck, it is in really solid shape for an East Coaster. VERY little rust! It was a real shop truck for a mobile oil change company at some point. They painted an 'oil drop' mascot on the side. No way I was covering up the mojo this bad boy has. I put a puke can up front on the grill and painted a fish on it. Found some NOS bumper guards too.

Stock wheels. I have the hubcaps too. Stock, Stock, Stock. Pretty much except for the webber.

Stock 4 speed. Want a dogleg 5-speed? Don't have one, BUT it comes with the half shaft you need for the conversion. (But not the dogleg itself!) I will include a low mileage 74 620 trans though. But the shifter location is back further if you install it.

Custom glitter vinyl door panels that the wife sewed.

Even have a truck cap for it if you are so inclined.

Redid the brakes a few years ago. They still work, but are 521 brakes. (Which are plan ahead brakes!) I think I've put less that 200 miles on it since I bought it in 2007.

What else to say? Has the all metal 520 dash swap already, which I pinstriped the heck out of. Has NOS seat covers installed. Has a clean tailgate I had shipped to me from the west coast.

You want the stance lowered? It comes with new lowering blocks, never installed.

Price: $2800 ( Remember these things are HAAAAAAAARD to find on the east coast, especially in New England.)

I took these pics today. But pretty much anything you could ever want to know about this truck is in my build thread. NOTE it will not come with the L-18 you see in the build thread. Comes with the stock 4-speed and L16. Here:













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mhm would it be a reliable DD?


With a little work I think so. I never drove it more than 10 mi at a time, just to the local car meet, hardware store, that sort of thing. Garaged since I've owned it and garaged by the prior owner too. That is why it has survived!


The l-16 runs beautifully. But will need the rear seal replaced at some point. I just keep it topped off. Common on these. That was next on my list if I kept it. Clutch slips a little under heavy load. (prob because of the rear seal). It was last inspected in 2010, but passed fine. Then I stuck it in the corner of my garage, and am just pulling it back out.


If I were to dd it I'd get a disc upgrade myself. (Actually I have one but am saving it for my 1959 Datsun so it isn't included) 521 brakes were never great.


Trans has always shifted for me, but is the stock "monkey motion" 4-speed. But some of the yards around here have a dogleg 5-speed cheap, and I already have the half shaft you need. (And it comes with a 620 4-speed too If you want to fit it.)


Really the next thing I would have done is bought a dogleg 5-speed, put it in and either repaired the rear seal on the l-16 or put in an L18. (I have one but am keeping it.)


I know of maybe one or two other 521's in MA and neither were running and I think the one got crushed. :-(

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Cool little truck, what did the Kwik sign used to say?


It said "Qiick-change Inc." My understanding is that it was a northern MA company that would come to your house and change your oil in your driveway.


Just looked at the truck again. Man there is barely a dent on it. Problem is you dust these things off to sell them and start to fall in love again! LOL

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word I realy want a dime but this would be way better for work plus i wouldnt have to go half way around the world to get it :rofl:


I hear you! Dimes are so hard to find here. I have one, but it was one of like 3 I have seen come up for sale in New England since 2007. And most of those are not DD runners for sure. Mine came out of Maine. I used to search CL every day for datsuns for years. We are in a datsun wasteland. :rofl: i always thought the 521 looked like a 510 truck to some extent. Shares some of the aesthetics.


Like I said, with a bit of work this could be a DD for sure. It is almost there. As an occasional driver, it has served me well as is Just topping off the oil. And if I weren't bogged down with other things, I would have swapped in a dogleg, replaced the seal or put in an L18 and been driving it all over the NE! I mean the bed isn't even rusted out. I think it had a cap on for most of its life till I got it. (First thing I took off!) Only way I can explain it.


It came out of Texas to MA where it was a shop truck, then sold to a guy in NH who I bought it from.


If you didn't notice it also has the original aftermarket A/C which was a dealer add on and really rare. Not that this one works! (But the fan did work last I tried it.) Compressor and everything is still there. Condensor looks beat. Replace that, find some R12, recharge it, and who knows!


This is the first place I've listed it as this is my Datsun home. Off to CL soon though, and then I will have to deal with the CLoonitics! LOL. (Maybe I'd be better off on Ebay, but have never sold a car there.)

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Do you have pics on here of your 59 Datsun? That must be the oldest one on here surely? Need oi.., i mean pics!



Down in my Sig is a link to all my dattos!

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Do you have pics on here of your 59 Datsun? That must be the oldest one on here surely? Need oi.., i mean pics!


Fisch's is really clean, but there are a few other guys on here with them. Icehouse has one and I know of 2 other guys on here with one at least. :)

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2eDeYe' timestamp='1344012149' post='731629']



Fisch's is really clean, but there are a few other guys on here with them. Icehouse has one and I know of 2 other guys on here with one at least. :)


Indeed and I think someone here has a '58 which beats mine by a year.

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OOHHHHHH YYAAAAAA! I remember when you used to work on that one..............


Just flick'n ya Scott, GLWS


Oohhh yeah I remember when I use to work on ANY of them Jes. Hopefully I will have a bit more focus with less to focus on. :rofl:

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If i could sell my 620 id be on this in a heartbeat.. love my 620 but have loved this 521 ever since I joined the thread. Sadly I don't need 3 trucks...i'll maybe search around and see if anyone is interested in my truck and MAAAYYBBE i can get back to you, but until then I guess im just another tire kicker, GLWS!

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