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Say hello to Phuglee my "new" 710 Wagon! (Lots 'o Pics)


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My transplant donor will be my bone stock L16 "mule" motor. It came from an all original 510 wagon that got a L20b - 5spd upgrade. VERY low mileage. 86k when I put it in my 510 and it got about 18mos of use before I pulled it back out.


Going to ATTEMPT finagling a working SMOG setup onto the L16, if not ... then I have a de-smogged backup option available. 


Moreover.... I am most likely going to be selling BOTH this car and its parts cousin in the VERY near future... Just have to figure out how to get them out of my name properly and how much I can ask for the pair...


Stay tuned kiddies....

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Selling out ?


Bon Voyage





More like...a friends Datsun I have had my eye on for YEARS is going up for sale by the end of the year...for a price i cant afford to miss.  


I would gladly trade both 710s and a kidney to snatch it up. 


if that makes me a sell out, so be it. 


Either way... if anyone on Ratsun wants to swoop on these 2 cars, i will deal more liberally here than what I will try for on Ebay, etc. 

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I am thinking of moving both cars as a pair, With all parts taken off, and bits i have yet to put on,... AND possibly a 2nd L18motor (in parts) to make the possiblity of 2 complete driving datsun 710s with clear titles.   


As far as I know there is only one other living 710 within 100 miles.    

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'Ello fellow ratsuners... Looooong time since I have posted to my thread... Much has transpired. I still have both 710s. I Finally got around to rebuilding the L20b...its about to go back in the car... I also got the 510 I had been aching for. Pics coming...Looks like most of the old ones have vanished. For now, Cheers!

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Not sure if this pic will come thru...  But the engine and Wagon are nearly re-united.  My Shitty bodywork has started to bubble in a few places... looking at the real metalwork OpalBeetle has been doing is making me jealous...


Now for what was missed.... When last i posted I was all hot and bothered to find a way to get this.... (the orange one was mine already)





I managed to pick up a healthy 2door 510 from a friend for a once-in-a-lifetime price. Then This happened,...





Thanks to This Idiot pulling out in front of me without looking ... I was doing 35mph on a main street and was lucky I caught him out of the corner of my eye...allllmost managed to avoid collision with only about 2.5 car legnths of warning...


If any of you are wondering what happened to the fender,,,,, check the corner of the NPR... its all there






So, Yea.... i am pretty pissed... very lucky I didnt hit him straight on.... look at the enormous pile of Tweaker Tools and crap that would rained down on me...nothing restrained on the bed. 


Good News is..... Other guy is 100% at fault.... carrying commercial insurance. Atlas insurance owned by nationwide...THEIR adjuster, without a fight.... coughed up $9580 for repairs...AND I keep a clean title... no salvaging. 


Beyond that... I did sustain some injury to my left ankle, right shoulder, and spine.... I retained an injury Lawyer, and plan to hit as hard as possible for whatever damages I can also recover on that front. (did 5 hrs of MRI work yesterday...haven't been to work in 6 weeks) Doing my best to make sure the insurance also pays out FULLY for my injuries 


SOOOO..... now the 2 door is going in for serious repair and restoration at a real shop... and I get to finish the wagon at a breakneck pace in the meantime...or I have to drive the competition prepped 4door on the street... 


I had the opportunity to pick up some pretty trick parts from a friend... I am not going to explain this pic.... if you know what it is, great, if not...even better....my only hint is... look at the casting label....







well... i guess the comparison pic gives it away... needless to say.... the Head is NEW in box, NEVER mated...0 hours. And ya Dont see too many of that exact head. Im not going to say how much I paid for it....(you would hate me if I told you)....I DID get it from a friend, along with all the body panels I need to repair the 2door. Pretty exciting year coming up in DatsunLand @ my house. 


Sometime Soon.... I might start a parts for sale thread... I picked up a ton of 510 stuff from someone unloading a 20 year collection. I got it all super cheap. I have a whole box of used door handles, hinges, etc... timing covers galore for L16.18z...and one crapped out L20b cover. 


When The wagon gets running again, I will be pulling the seats and some dash bits from the parts car, and most likely harvesting the rest as well



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Garage is cleaned and prepped for surgery. Getting closer......almost there...





AAAANNNNDDDD.......its in!   Went in like butter, basic stuff bolted onto block before insertion. I had serious help from a friend to get it all done on a saturday am.  The Grill is off for a reason, lights have to come out too...

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On to the next problem.... I have lots of radiators, awful radiators.  The center one was pulled out from the wagon, the other 2 are from a 510 and a pickup, neither bolts directly in, and both have issues of their own. (SIGH) Its either champion-land or a slim possiblity of a chinese reman. I was cruising Ebay and there was a listing for a 710 replavement rad from an actual parts yard who was listed new replacements online.... I called them up, and the guy was very helpful. Sadly they simply list the part, and when they get an order, they call up their supplier and place it...so the dude had no real idea if he ACTUALLY had one, or was just blindly listing shit...he is supposed to call me back to day, 



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On a brighter note, If there are any Dukes of Hazzard fans in the audience....you might recognize the rims I just picked up...


They are 14x7 (AmRac Vectors?)  


Downside is I dont have a shank style nut that fits them....more hunting required there If I want to use them on a vehicle...I was told to swap studs, and given the parts numbers for studs and nuts that will work, but the threading is a different pitch, and the nuts are non metric. lol. 


If someone just HAS to have these rims.... talk to me, I could be seperated from them.



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One of the very last street sightings before she went into hibernation (and re-rust)




The very last detail to be done is painting the front window and side metal trim black. When I was painting everything else, Tape was left on the metal so long it was half a day project just getting it all back off, so I left it until the whole car was painted and pulled it afterward...(now I get to mask everything BUT that...because I was lazy..... (D'oh)

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If anyone from this forum wants my parts car....come get it in the next 10 days and I will take $250... BUT you have to get in touch before there is a bid on eBay. (If that even happens...lol) mymotoxmail@gmail.com is the best for that. Cheers!

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It appears that the parts car has sold for my $750 asking price on ebay. If I have any issues with the buyer. it may come around again, minus a lot of small pieces I now have interested buyers for. 

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So, I finally got my 2core aluminum 510 radiator in the mail. Plenty good for the price and application. It took a little homemade innovation to get it in. I made flanges to center it in the opening and re use some stock holes. The out of car pics are before I drilled the parts for the car side mounting. I had to pre assemble for a test fit, and took some pics. 







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