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where is the fuel pump relay on a 1977 280z

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The fuel pump relay does not need to be replaced with the fuel pump. It is only replaced if it fails, as normally it will last 100s thousands of miles.


When you turn the key to ON (engine off), you should hear the pump purr for about 1.5 seconds. Do you hear it?

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On my '77 the fuel pump relay was on the DRIVER'S side, pretty much right above the ECU, but mounted to the dash frame. It's a double relay. It won't come on unless the car is running... or cranking to start. The way to test it is disconnect the starter solenoid and turn the key to start, the pump should run briefly. But even if it doesn't run, that isn't necessarily the relay being bad. Could be the ECU.

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Conclusion: Could be the relay, or a bad wire, disconnected wire, or corroded wire connection. When you find the relay, you can see if the input signal changes when you put the key to START. If Input is good, but output is not then it's in the Relay itself.

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This is what Google is telling me regarding the relay's location:



I own a 1977 280Z automatic and the fuel pump relay is located above the kick panel on the right passenger's side floor in front of the door. You have to access it from under the dash.



your fuel relay is behind and down from the glove box It should have Five pins, the fun part is... there are two others that look just like it. your manual should tell you the colors of the wires to find your relay


Here is a really well done color wire diagram: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yp315ike74pcxhp/F77ZCAR-WIRING1.pdf

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