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Washougal Show August 19th!! bring you Dattos

Royal Sierra

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Sorry if I posted in wrong spot. first time


heres info from the site




this is going to be the biggest car/bike show that has ever went on in washougal Washington ever.. AND it is going for a GREAT cause.. the Inter Faith Treasure House Charity located here locally in Washougal, WA. They keep things local and 100% donations go directly to the needy!!


started out when my buddy and I thought we should make a little car show in washougal wa just to have some fun so we started talking and planning this out and then it got big I mean really big the ideas On rolling out of our ...mouths we have a wide variety of people and things that are going to go on at this show we are going to have classes for imports and trophies for imports that I am handling and my good buddy Eric is going to be handling the hot Rod and classic side of things oh yeah and did I mention the Harleys and street bikes that are going to be there this is a show for everyone and a little insight on Eric he does nothing small we are going to have the hottest showgirls we could find lots of food to choose from were also having for music we have a DJ this event is sponsored by a lot of local businesses that we are proud to have on board too many to list right now.


I promise you if you come out to this car show you will not be disappointed we are having a raffle prizes and trophies to be one for many categories for hot rods. And imports motorcycles. Rat rods and trucks so shine your ride whether it be on two wheels or four we have a lot of support from the community to make this show one to remember for that import categories I will probably have trophies for best paint job, best looking rims, best looking interior, loudest exhaust, best under construction, best daily driver, and I will also have trophies first and second place for Nissan,Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi,Volkswagen,!!!!and I'm going to call it co-companies for example if you drive a infinity or Datsun you would put your car in the Nissan category so we will also like to have Acura's, Lexis, Volvo, Audi, so come and play and like I said there will be hot rods and muscle cars there to look at as well along with some bikes.and I have to discuss with Eric but I think it would be fun to have a little cruise through town including all the participants inports hot rods rat rods customs and bikes cruising together through town and if you've ever been to any of my events that I have put on you know it will be well put together and fun for all we are ready have one event page put up that my buddy Eric has put together it has a lot of information as well.


It is $20 to enter each category (your entry fee also covers a hot dog of your choice chips and a soda from the famous dogzilla hot dog stand. and a raffle ticket and goes towards a charity donation and the cost of trophies).. if you want to enter more than one category it is an extra $10 half the price to double your chances of winning a trophy it's a pretty good deal.


so cleanup your sick rides guys and gals and come have some fun you will not want to miss this everybody's going to be talking about it and looking forward to it next year.if you have any questions concerns or comments you can leave him here on the page or call me or text me at (510)684-7262 thanks again I look forward to seeing you all.!!!!!!!!! PS INVITE ALL YOUR FRIENDS PLEASE!!!!!!>and check out the other events page there's already 117 people going thanks again it's going to be big!!!!!!!!!


To reach Eric about being a sponsor of raffle donations or getting a vendor booth spot for the cost of #20 for a10 x 10 spot.. call/ text him at 360.852.4923

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