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I had a slow leak on back of my motor. Never really cared as it wasnt much.

Yesterday driving hard I figure I popped a ring or soemthing as it was smoking.

Finally looked at it and notice oil all over the exhaust side. Figure it came from crankcase open vent. Drove home quickly and rev the MOFO up and notice my oil line was cracked.


I put the stock sender back in. Fixed.

I have a spare VDO remove tranduscer type I will install in that usese a wire to feed the Gauge.


Moral of this story ck the oil lines esp those plastic type even though this was a braided line.


Most plastic lines are taiwan . Get a Autometer brand and also get the 1/8 BSP adapter that goes in the block as most gauge kits are 1/8 NPT

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Electric gauges are the best way to go IMO, good thing it was a slow leak, as I have heard of people running out of oil because their oil line broke while there significant other was driving the vehicle, and they just kept driving when the light was on, but they did call while driving and ask what the light was about, SHIT, STOP DRIVING is all you can say.

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Idiot gauge comes on at 5-8 pounds. I sure wouldn't want to be pounding on my L20B is there was something wrong and the pressure was just above this setting so I use a 720 gauge and sender. All I do is get used to where the 'normal' range is and worry if it changes readings. That's all you really need it isn't a 747 cockpit.


Both my 710s have either a KA or D21 high volume oil pump in them for even more margin of safety.

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I just dont run manual oil gauges for that very reason.


I just build 'em good. Then you don't need to know the exact pressure, the on/off OIL light is enough.


IM thinking your guys are right on this.


But I like the manual gauge as one can tell when you get low on oil when one corners hard the gauge pressure will drop.


But if a good motor there will be no oil consumption.



This is the 2nd line that has gone bad.

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