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New 1975 260Z Questions...


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Okay, so I just went with my good friend to help him buy a 1974(1/2) 260Z, and I gave the car a good look over and test drive before giving my blessings for him to get the car. The car is in fairly decent condition and was posted for a good price so he made the buy. The car had rust in the usual spots, but it was mainly surface rust besides the battery tray area. It starts and runs under it's own power, but had slight hesitation under full throttle. The differential housing also seemed to be covered in old dried up oil, but the brakes are the current main concern as the peddle went straight to the floor without any resistance and produced basically no stopping force. I've already advised him to buy a new brake master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder, would there be anything else worth looking into besides the basic maintenance items(Fluids, Manual, Seafoam)? He will be towing the car home later on today and I'll be able to get a more detailed account for it's condition at that time. In the meantime I'd appreciate any advice/insight into the things to look for and what not. Thanks.

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The brakes could just need a good bleeding, Suction out all the old fluid from the reservoir, the top it up with new fluid and bleed all the old crap out of the lines. I would like with any old car check the brake pads, rotors, drums, rubber lines at each wheel, and shoes to make sure they are all good.

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I would bet the hesitation issue is in the carbs somewhere, either gummed up, or out of tune, or vac leaks. If they are su's then someone swapped them, stock they would be flat tops. I could list a bunch of things that would cause hesitation for both but if truly su's then check the plugs to see if its running rich or lean. Hesitation at full throttle with su's indicates a lean condition. That can be caused not just by the tune but by vac leaks, namely on the throttle shafts. They dont leak at idle because they wear where used the most, partial throttle. You think your in tune at idle then when you drive and leak your lean. Could also be gummed up pistons causing a delay. Both are common issues.


Do what everyone has already said. change the master/slave and bleed all well with new fluid. check for leaks esp at the piston seals, they could be dry and cracked.

Flush the coolant system RESPONSIBLY, dont just dump the shit.


I half believe seafoam is bullshit but what I would do is put a little mystery oil in each cylinder and let it sit for a while. Then idle it off.

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