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So my 1980 720 4x4 i dont thing is getting enough fuel. but how do you tell? my set up on it is a 32 36 Weber. but when its running the you can hardly see fuel goin though the filter. it only fills up when the truck is shut off. it idles great. but when i go take it on the test drive it goes from first gear to second great then cuts out. so im not to sure what that means but any info would be very cool! thanks in advance

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The bottom of the electric fuel pump twists off. Inside is a filter. Check it or replace. Another inline filter may have been added in the engine compartment. A dirty or restrictive filter will cut the fuel flow to the carb.

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Everything what the other guys have said.


I generally start at the fuel tank and move forward to the carb. Looking for fuel flow from the tank, no crimped or bent

Lines, fuel filter(s) clean, fuel pump flowing at correct rate, float level correct etc.


Good luck, these things can be particularly annoying.

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