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Vehicle on parked vehicle hit and run - Vancouver

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Friend of mine witnessed a hit-n-run on a parked vehicle. Doesn't know much about cars, but she got the license plates. Happened at the 7-11 on Mill Plain across the street from the Walgreens east of Soutwest Medical Center hospital. Around 5pm.


Victim: 966-QHE "Light color car hit on front right hand side."


Suspect: AHR8803 "Smaller black Volkwagen, young sandy-blonde male drove away."

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I mean to say I drive a VW (bone stock btw), and I do have morals, or else people wouldnt think I might be mormon, which I am not, but to some that might be splitting hairs. Run-on sentence for the win...

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My second grade teacher got mad at me for run on sentences, little did she know i spoke spanglish because I couldn't quite the grasp the idea of two different languages just yet, sometimes i get ahead of myself and still do them, then I remember that 2 worst years of my life, 2nd grade,

Then I learned in 5th grade that periods are for women,

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I like me some VW's too. First car was a 65? Notchback with a Type I 2110. That was fast as hell. I have had a GTI VR6 and a Turbo GLH Jetta. Now I have Mini Coopers, a stock one and a Twin Scrolled Countryman S. Pretty fun car, light weight and quick. I already have parts on order for it when it had only 6 miles on the Odometer.

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Remember that one time when Hardwyre posted a public service announcement about a hit and run and we totally derailed it into an "I heart VWs" thread? Ratsun is awesome!


Remember I have a black VW, and no morals?

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