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1977 Datsun 280z - 3600$ - Clean!

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Girlfriend is selling her Datto. Looking to get $3600 OBO for her 280z!

Possible trades for 300zx, 350z, Subarus, RX7/RX8, etc etc.


8/10 Paint

9/10 Interior

8/10 Body

10/10 Engine


Car has almost 10,000 miles on fresh rebuild

Good Glass

Clean Title

SUPER Clean interior, uncracked center console and reupholstered seats.

New bushings all over the place, have 2 more to install (Energy Suspension)

You get your choice of wheels. Top pic or bottom pic

I'm available to show it pretty much anytime. Hit me up via email (etheby@gmail.com), PM ^Above, or by phone (858-204-5172)


I have this listed on Craigslist for $4000, so Ratsun people get a discount! Still somewhat OBO. LMK if you want more pictures!



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