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L18 oversize pistons/rings

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I'll need to rebuild my 'ol L18, and the piston walls will need some cleaning-up. Does anyone have some larger-than-standard diameter pistons and rings for sale?

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Rock Auto has 3 of the pistons left, for about 75 dollars each.


I haven't honed and bored yet - I was waiting for some pistons so that the machine could match the new pistons to the block.



have you checked rockauto?


have you already honed/bored the piston walls?

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Try these pistons, ITM RY6134STD They are 86mm, so 1mm larger than stock.


I am running RY6134-040 in mine, which are 87mmm. Makes it a L19 :) Couple with an open head gets some good compression going, (9.3:1)


I got 4 from here for $150 shipped. http://www.autopartsgogo.com/products/1982-NISSAN--DATSUN-280ZX-6--2754+2.8L-Piston.htm

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Becareful when buying new. As all L18 pistons I found are actually L20b pistons, IE too much dish for a L18.


Try to get some STD late N/A 280zx pistons.


Thanks for the tip! My concern is the dishing amount too - I'll be using an SSS head which needed to be surfaced, so the combustion chamber is already small. Right now it is on an L16 block with flat-top pistons, and there is quite a bit of pinging. I did some calculations and it seems like the L18 pistons will have the right amount of dish.

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Well if you are using a SSS head...


I dont think they make L18 pistons anymore, other than what you can get from people who collect stuff, or from the dealer.


well then 86mm L28 pistons early/turbo might be better, they have a little less dish than the L20b ones.

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Ah, I see... I do have some time to get parts together, so hopefully someone on here will have some spares kicking around.



L18------------------- 38.1mm / 4.36cc dish / 85mm bore

L20B------------------38.1mm / 11.36cc dish / 85mm bore

L28 (early)---------- 38.1mm /10.90cc dish in 280Z, early ZX.('75-'80)/ 86mm bore

L28 (late)------------ 38.1mm /0.0cc Flatop in '81-'83 ZX / 86mm bore

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