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Siqx's Goon


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Welp looks like im picking up a 710 goon this weekend :) Little back story. I work at a auto shop that does work for a used car lot here in medford. well they got in on a trade a 76 710 wagon. the lot guy called me right up to see if i knew anyone interested. well as u can prolly guess from the sound of it i told him i was. so i give him 400 big ones on monday and i get to call her my own.


Its pretty straight, both front fenders have been spray painted poorly but i will just sand em down and re spray them. body is straight, no cancer. Has some surface rust here and there but no biggie. the interior is complete no missing stuff. front seats have seen better days. and the whole car is completely stock.


Car will be pretty much a DD to get me back and forth from work. I drive 60 miles a day and the bmw gets shitty ass mpg on the free way. so I will get this beast tuned up and hopefully get into the 30 mpg range. which i dont think it should be hard cause its a L. It has a auto trans and a l18.


once the 620 is running and driving around again i will prolly over lower this thing, drop a l20 and a 5 speed into it. and some fly wheels lol. but for now. she will stay pretty much as i got it... minus bumpers haha



Here is how she looks now. She is getting a full detail from out detail guy today so she will look better after lol. but pics to tide u all over.





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Welcome, welcome, new 710.


The front fenders on my car were repainted too, due to some old damage - I think the 710 fenders are especially vulnerable because they are angled so far forward at the top, so they collect dings even if the cars are still wearing their bumpers.

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She is getting buffed and acid washed right now :) engine bay degreased and pressure washed. She its cleaning up real well. Pulled the roof rack off for the time bring so we can buff under it. And I can polish the rack.

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So the goon had a pretty good miss going on. So I decided to look into it. I had spark so I checked compression. No comp in cylinder #1...why?!?!?!. So I pulled the valve cover and found my intake rocker just layin there. So I put it back on with new lash pad. Adjusted valves. Now she purs like a kitten. Tragedy avoided!

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they are multi lug tsw's but im pretty sure they will not fit. I asked around and im pretty sure that my 20+ something offset on my 17x8" rim aint going to fit. I will try but im not getting my hopes up. lol. I scored these in trade to cody.


they will prolly work for temp whels. they are 14x6. which in my opinion are way small... but it is better then steel wheels. I might try and trade/sell the TSW's for something i like more. IDK

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