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Running and Driving L-20 won't start.

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I blew a motor last week and started the process of a swap.


The L-20 I installed was running and driving when pulled from another 620.


I tried dumping all the smog stuff and ran an L-16 exhaust manifold.

I took the carb off the motor that I blew (because it was running like a top). Bolted it up to the new L20.


I have fuel, and I have spark.

The truck will turn over and after a few seconds will sometimes get a backfire. Then a pop out of the carb that stops the motor from turning.


New cap, and the wires are all in the correct firing order... but not running. Don't know if this has

anything to do with pulling all the smog parts.


Fuel filter is good. Plugs are good. Any ideas?

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