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For the Z32 owners (if any) - VG30 harnesses now available

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Our long awaited VG30 replacement wiring harnesses are now available for pre-order online. Harnesses will be arriving in about 4 weeks and orders will be shipped out in the order they were placed.


To learn more about our VG30 wiring harnesses, click the link below.



Any questions about the harness can be posted here or you can email us at sales@wiringspecialties.com

Pictures of the new harness will be posted very soon!

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I just emailed you about these harnesses. Depending on price, it could be a very viable option as the harnesses are still available from Nissan. But who knows for how long. Once I hear back from you I'll post this up on another Z site that I'm on. If the price is competitive and the quality is truely OEM or better, I could probably have these flying off the shelves for you.


Also, the site says 30min installation. Does that factor in the 6 hours to remove the engine? Because there is not a chance in hell you are getting this harness installed in a Z32 with the engine installed in 30 minutes. I've seen harnesses installed in a Z32 with the engine in before, and you'll spend 30 minutes planning your first move. lol

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After emailing back and forth with the guys at Wiring Specialties and doing a bit of research... these harnesses are going to be the real deal. Time and money saver over OEM. Especially as the existing stock of OEM harnesses continues to run thinner and thinner. Last price increase for these harnesses was in 2010 and prices increase $80 across the board. It's only a matter of time until another price increase or they are all dried up and NLA.

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