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Datsun 510 Rear Springs (lowered Prefered)

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Just letting you know, JC Whitney has the Dodge D50 truck springs that everyone uses for really cheap and they'll be brand new.

This is a good way to go you have to cut them to the desired length but they stiffen the rear and work great

I think 10 1/2 inches is a good starting point if I remember right you can always cut more but you cant add back on

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Get the spring and make a few measurements. The thickness of the 'wire'. The diameter of the coil center to center. The number of open active coils. With this info you can calculate the spring rate.


11,250,000 X wire thickness to the 4th divided by 8 X number of coils X coil diameter to the 3rd. Now you know the spring rate you can work it out with one less coil and see what cutting this much off will do to the rate before you cut. :)


510s often run 275-300 front springs and about 1,000- 1,200 in the rear. Why so high? Well, because of the rear trailing arms with the spring between the axle and the hinge point providing a 3.8 ratio. 1,100 divide by 3.8 = about 290 pound spring rate. (better verify this)

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