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Installed Tweeters on Radio Bezel. Turned out nice! OICS

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So, had an older set of POLK Audio tweets laying around. Decided the two little blanks on my 510 radio bezel would be a good spot for some extra "highs"



So took out the ol hole saw, cut holes, 2 part epoxy'd the mounts in place, put in tweets and wha-la. Looks pretty clean.


Thought I'd pass on the idea. Put this in interior section cause its more of a interior thing than a wiring thing.............













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Guest 510kamikazifreak

Noise floor is a bit different from accurate sound stage, though


True, and being able to get it to a decent level, is an almost impossible task,with out redesigning the dash/rear panel,too much lost through them

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I have fosgate 6.5 coaxial's in my rear deck i made.


I'm going to do fiberglass kick panels for 6.5's up front. either components or coaxials, haven't made up my mind yet. The center tweets are just a forward facing bonus. It's like dolby 7.1 or whatever its called, with a center channel (only its right and left close together) :)


Nothing wrong with that. No one ever said your sound must ONLY come from the four corners. and if they did, I'm breakin the rules!!

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It's a nice clean job ..... but the tweets should be as far apart as possible. (preferably at ear height too) High notes are easier for the ear to assign a direction like L or R and subtle differences in between. Properly spaced, the illusion is that you are surrounded by sound.

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It's not so much an illusion if done correctly. When done correctly you get the best stereo seperation and a wide sound stage, meaning spacially you can pick out where the sound of different instruments is coming from (left to right), rather then everything jumbled together all coming from the same point. Having 4 directions of sound (having rear speakers) is pretty much equally detrimental to recreating an accurate sound stage. I'm not trying to knock anyone for their sound system choices, just tossing out the idea that in order to get good, accurate sound (and yes, this is considerably objective, not solely subjective) you can't have speakers willy nilly throughout your car.

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I think comparatively speaking a 510 is easier to achieve decent sound then other datsuns. I'm big into audio, thinking what can be done with a tiny no room anywhere s30 a 510 is a dream.


Clean install for sure but like mentioned the tweeter there is just not correct in any way shape or form.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

like I said before, it isnt going to be the "stage" in a 510, have tried time and again,get ok results but thats about it..

And its his deal, I like it,and he did a great job.

good for you VintageRice :thumbup:

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Using a high off the glass and mid at least close to optimal direction and a omnidirectional low has been a recipe for success for a long time. Thats why I dont understand doing this when it could be done a way that sounds better. I mean the speakers are for sound right? To me its like building a gorgeous engine that doesnt run, I dont care if its right it looks good! lol


Kudos on trying to utilize something stock and make it look good and be functional. Always great to see and draw inspiration from stuff like that. Its a square wheel your inventing though. One of the hard parts of mobile audio is creating a sound stage that is blended and true rather then isolated and directional. Thats exactly what putting 2 tweeter right next to one another dead center so close is going to do, make a very hollow, separated, directional sound.

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I'm going to have tweeters in the kick panels pointing twards the listeners too. Better ones. Just had these laying round so used them.


On a side note, I suppose I coulda installed them somehow under, or in the metal dash that points up at the window. That woulda been better. But I didn't think of that.

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