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Lets do this Datsun Heads!!


Registration is FREE Register now!





High Octane Tuners is proud to announce in collaboration with Dublin Nissan, HOT SUMMER DAYZ. For more information and registration details please visit www.highoctanetuners.info. This free event starts at 10 am and continues throughout the day. We will be having numerous activities all day including raffles, photoshoots, vendors, test drives and awards.


Roll in time for participants is at 8 am.


Due to limited space we can only accommodate Nissan/ Infiniti makes, however all are welcome to spectate.


As a special offer to all import and euro cars, Diablo Dents will have paintless dent repairs. The dent removal will be first come first served.




Saturday, August 25, 2012 10:00am until 4:00pm



Here is the link for easy registration





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Sweet !! Just checked out all who's registered.. Quite a few Datsuns are gonna be there!!.


Here is a list of current registrants




Also.. there are only 20 dyno spots.. 3 pulls for $60.00


if your gonna Dyno your ride.. PM frank long

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All correspondence I have received says 8am roll in so for us south bay it is a 50 minute drive to IHOP. Gus, I think we need to meet at 6:30 and head out at 6:50 if we want a decent spot. I will text Geno to see what his plans are. I know getting him out of bed early is a chore. I just want to make sure we are all on the same page

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I definitely wanna meet at ihop no later than 8.. I don't mind rolling in@ 815 or so.. since geno isn't going..i still need to communicate with the modesto guys (later when I get off work tonight) personally.. I'm having my car dynoed tomorrow and those start at 10..so I definitely wanna be there to get my spot..adjust .. ect


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I think I need a ride!!!! anybody wanna help a brotha out. Im the guy (the good lookin tall bald brotha man) thats always at the OSH show and never has my car there... its still not running. But I only need an exhaust and an alingment then I can drive it.


Any takers!!!

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