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Need help with my 2002 wrx differential


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Hey how's it going, so as many of you have already known I acquired a couple of differentials. My brother gave me his 2002 wrx diff with no LSD, but I recently opened up an existing differential with the markings "213" on it and it had a LSD. It even had the nissan output shaft already put in which I am unsure if the previous owner did it, or if there is another LSD differential that already has the 510 half shaft output shafts.


I searched until I couldn't search no more. There is so much miscommunication and back and forth arguments. One guy says it can't be done, another guy says he did it. And it becomes a whole big he said she said. So I went out and I took out the output shaft and it fit right into the 2002 wrx differential. My concern is, how the hell do I put the long 14 bolt into the differential now? I was reading up on something about a C clip, is that the clip that allows that 14 bolt to screw in?


I want to pull out the LSD out of the other differential marked "213" and put it in my wrx if possible, that's my next project because the diff marked "213" has a few teeth missing from the input gear, not the ring gear.


Sorry for my terminology, I'm still new to rebuilding differentails and so forth. I remember there was a DIY on removing a LSD and putting into another carrier housing on RS2.5 forums I believe, I'll continue to look there.


So my question is, has anyone managed to use a 2002 wrx differential in there '73 510? Seems the output shaft, u joint, whatever you want to call it goes right in but has no way on bolting in there.


I would prefer to use it because I do not want to run the stock differential with my SR20DET swap.

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