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Help Changing Bearing!!!!


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Help!!! I've got my rear end completely torn down due to a bad bearing. Pulled off my drum to find my shoes completely soaked in gear oil plus I have had a growling sound getting louder and louder. What tools do I need to remove the bearing itself??? Does anyone have a backyard solution to removing it? I've already removed the retaining ring and shim. According to my shop manual it says I need some wicked long puller. Do I really need it? Or do I need to take it to a machine shop? If I don't get this fixed I can't make it to the Reno meet on friday!!! Help!!

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there is a collar holding the wheel bearing , you hit it hard with a chissel and crack it. once cracked it should slide right off

you can eather cut the outer peice of the bearing of with a cut off wheel. then cut into the inner racehalf way thru then chissel thru it the rest of the way

or remove the collar then press the bearing off with a harbor freight press, got one for 150$ might be even cheaper these days.


pressing them on is realy the only way i know for shure to to get them on right.

and i dont know what a shop would charge but it would only take em a few minutes to press new ones on

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YOu sure its the bearing?

Most time the oil from the diff helps keep it from wearing out.


Otherwise you have to take to machine shop. and Remeber put the inner seal on first!!!!!!!! Buy that also

The Out seal on the axle keeps most of the oil from going on the brakes


Yeah it was DEFINITELY the bearings. A whole lot of play in the wheel when I lifted the truck. And it had a failed seal too. Pop off the drum and the entire brake assembly was soaked in gear oil. So I decided to replace seals and bearings on both axles. So I should be good to go for the Reno meet on friday!!! Woo hoo!!

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