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Shallow South (NC, SC, TN, VA, GA) People on this board?

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Toying with the idea of organizing a drift/track day and swap meet (Maybe car show too?) here in North Carolina. I'm in Asheville, not far from the states mentioned. Hoping to gauge some interest, and recruit folks who might also be interested in something like this.


This wouldn't be Datsun specific, or maybe even import specific (..but I am tired of never ever seeing an import at a car show).

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have you heard of IA(import alliance) in NC is this weekend


Was hoping to put something together representing the west side of things. There seems to be events everywhere east of here. Maybe there just aren't many of us over here? Or we just haven't done anything?


They do auotx at the Agricultural Center here in town, I think a nice curvy track could be set up in the back 3 lots and it's not an expensive place to hold an event. I only worry about its width. They're also repaving those lots, which would be nice. From what I can see, it's a ways to the nearest track that isn't in the middle of nowhere and further to the nearest paved track. Haven't checked out the speedway in Rutherfordton though. There were a couple places in Asheville some years ago, but developments and hippie green groups made sure they were shut down or bought out.

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Pretty damn serious about this. Just wanted to feel it out. It would be horrible to do something and have no one show up. haha. Might have to do something like a preregister, since I probably couldn't cover the entire cost of renting the place up front. Something like $20 to drift and $10 for 2 parking spaces to sell parts? My friend thinks I should ad ten bucks to both of those, but I want to keep it as affordable as possible.


Definitely looking for opinions/advice y'all have. I don't have a whole lot of experience organizing anything large, use to put on concerts back when I was in high school and I would consider them successes.

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